Lane Kiffin for HC

For all of the PC fans, we should be past worrying about a little baggage - that is, if we ever want to win again

I think they will go hard after Gus. If Gus doesn’t come, it’s anyones guess. I think Norvell would jump on the chance to coach Arkansas, just no way to know where he is on the pecking order. Regardless of who we end up with, it will be a upgrade.

Kiffin is an inmature clown. No way I would want him.

I talked to a friend yesterday. He went to Bama, his family however, are AUB alum. He didn’t want to follow in family’s footsteps. Wanted to be his own man. Anyways, his family has ties to AUB’s Board. According to him (don’t know how much his family does indeed know, so take it however you want), they (AUB Board) are looking for a new HC, they’re convinced Gus is coming here, even if AUB wins out. They think all that’ll do is raise Gus’ asking price.

Can say, honestly I hope it’s not true, I think Gus will be bad for the fanbase, it’ll put the good ole boys back in charge and they almost destroyed us 10 years ago. Guess we will know for sure in 6 Days.

There has never been a fan more fervent in his passion for the Hogs than I am - I’ve been that way for more the 50 years.

However, there are a small group of people who - if named coach of the Razorbacks - I would seriously consider withdrawing my support. At the TOP of that list is Lane Kiffin (along with Art Briles).

I’m not thrilled at the prospect of Gus coming here . . . because I fear he will renew the NWA-Little Rock rift among our fans. But I would fall in line and support him, as I have done with every other coach we have hired in my lifetime.

But Kiffin? Don’t know that I could do that.

All I can say for sure about Kiffin is that I had rather have him than Bielema.

Comes down to who could recruit best outside the state of AR? Lane or Gus, they could both win here with major talent upgrade, as could CBB I suppose.
So which one could win here with current recruiting levels?
Million $ question!

All I can say for sure about Kiffin is that I had rather have him than Gus.

Baggage aside, where is the evidence that Lane Kiffin is a great coach?

art briles

the patsy

what is so wrong with society and life in the US in 2017

that said.
kendal would be a good OC
… if people could tolerate his close association with his boogeyman father

Have you followed the turn around at FAU this year?

One year in a conference that is weaker than the Sunbelt this year? Brett Bielema won the Big 10 and the Rose Bowl. I’m not impressed that Lane Old Dominion Slayer Kiffin has conquered a glorified FCS conference.

Really? You don’t want Bielema to be our coach? Goodness, you’ve never mentioned that before. Seriously, have you posted anything in the last two months that didn’t either insult him or say you wanted him gone?

Kiffin doesn’t come with a “little baggage.” He’s a train wreck waiting to happen. We all know any coach we hire carries a risk of failing, including Kiffin. There are lots of coaches who’d project to be as good or better than Kiffin. There is no reason to bring in any coach who also brings lots of risk of embarrassing us or getting us into trouble.

One question, what makes everyone think that just because we hire a new coach the talent level will just jump up?

I think we have pretty good talent comparable to what we have always had but either the scheme is to hard to learn or they are not are not capable to learn.

The off is ok but the def is horrible ( i know everyone knows that )

Whoever is the coach next year will be better just because the speed that is redshirting will play

Kiffen is good on the off but no def kind of CBP

I would love for Aranda to come here with a good OC

Kiffin is an immature brat. I would probably drop my tickets and foundation contribution if he is hired. Which is to bad because of the number of years it has taken me to get my seats where they are.

This is untrue.

More than close association. He was fully involved.

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Half true