Lane Kiffin blatantly

Had his TE drop to the ground just now in the LSU/Ole Miss game. They had a close up on his face and he yelled several times to go down. And pointed to the ground.

The announcers and rules officials were all over it. The rules official said it was unethical but the refs have no power to do anything about it at this time.

Lane is a lot of things but subtle is not one.

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Good for Lane. I think he’s trying to make a point and I’m glad. As soon as they throw a flag on him everything will change. Keep doing it Lane.

Kind of reminds me of the time Bielema, when at Wisconsin, exploited a bad rule on kickoffs by intentionally having his players jump offsides until they clock expired.

Any chance Kiffin will face any sanction for blatantly, repeatedly telling his player to fake an injury today against LSU?

Dude, we all want the rule changed. Don’t hate on the guy for trying to make it happen. If Lane is one thing it’s making people eat their own S***. I couldn’t be more happy about what he’s doing. Thank you Lane!

So I understand, Lane is not a punk, he is a hero?

Oh, he’s a punk. But so is Saban, Urban Meyer and Pete Carroll. The rule needs to be changed. He’s exploited every stupid rule there ever was and I’m happy about that. Heroes are those front-line workers this year. Just because he’s a punk doesn’t mean he can’t make a point. AND LSU did this crap to us, and Kiffin probably saw that on the film. It’s hilarious to me. Hilarious!

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Good for him. Force the point until the rules committee has to do somethingabout it. Have a lineman walk in as a sub from the sideline, immediately sit down and grab his leg screaming, “I’VE BROKE MY LAIG! OH, GAWD! IT HURTS SO BAD! MOMMA! MOMMA! HAILP ME!”
They’ve already turned the game into a joke their dramatics. This is just the next logical step. :joy:

Don’t think it’s about hero’s or punks. If Lane was belligerent to truely exploit the shenanigans of fake injuries being done by other SEC Coaches, more power to him. Can ya blame him. Again if that was in fact truely the case.

I don’t think that is the case. He did it because he can. Something will have to be done with this obvious unethical practice.

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That’s what we’re all saying. It’s been going on for years and has been utterly ignored. Something has to be done.

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Lane had to look at the Missouri tape of Eli doing it. I think everyone in the SEC is sick and tired of what they saw from Eli and Gus trying to use that play. I do not blame Lane at all.

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Makes sense that Lane was making a point. It was so flagrant. Good for him.

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A few years back we were playing Auburn, think it was in Little Rock,…they had a player standing in the end zone, no one around when suddenly he looked like he had been taken out by a sniper,… :joy: :joy: :joy:

Good for Kiffin. The NCAA needs to change the rules so that such “performances” are penalized.

Of course they need to change the rule, but to say what? This one was obviously intentional, but in most cases there is no way to prove that the injury is in fact fake. Having to err on the side of player safety, I do not see how a meaningful rule could be implemented.

If they have visual confirmation, I think they can call it. And the head coach has to go in the injury tent without headset.


I noticed at least 4 or 5 times in last nights championship game Florida players going down too. And yes bammer has also they just rarely have to because they’re usually always winning. I can see the difficulty within the process because of the legitimacy of a players injury. Possibly sidelining the player for at least a quarter before he could return to the game may create a second thought to any shenanigans but even then what happens when the “hurt” player is a second, third string player that denotes the severity of losing a guilty ,star athlete? Several variables to consider.