Landon Rogers

He came in last year as a QB, weighed 215, and was hurt. I believe he was switched to TE during the fall.

He’s now listed as a WR on the roster with a weight of 201. I saw in one of the practice reports he caught a long pass from one of the backup QBs the other day.

He certainly has the length, and as I recall seeing highlights from high school, he had some athletic ability pre-injury. Be very interesting to see if he gets in the mix for playing time at WR this spring/fall.

Along with that any scoop on Roger’s HS team mate - Outley recruited as a good TE.

agree on the length and athletic ability, but the WR room is starting to get pretty stacked, will be hard to find PT.

our roster, in general, is starting to get stacked. OL, RB especially. fun time to be a hog!


Hearing favorable things on Landon. His size, physicality and athleticism gives him a shot to get into the rotation.

Not hearing much on Erin yet. Still early.

What about Warren the headless Thompson gunner Thompson, RD. What are you hearing about him this Spring?

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