Landon Rogers is the first to portal post-spring ball

He looked like he’d improved some in the Red-White scrimmage, but he was not going to start and likely would have had trouble being in the top six. If he can land in a spot where he gets lots of reps as a WR, I think he could end up being a very good player. Hope he finds a good landing spot and does well.

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Is the LRSD just incapable of producing legit D1 football players any more? There are probably a couple I’m not thinking of. Still, really pretty sad compared to what it was in the 70s and 80s. The nosedive taken by the LRSD in football talent IMO is one reason we’ve been very mediocre in football for a long time.

Predictably Little Rock can’t get its act together.

Regardless, good luck Landon. Thanks for trying.

The football talent is primarily ending up “moving out” of the district to places like Bryant or North Little Rock, or is playing for private schools.

Central, Southwest and Hall are all dreadful programs, though Southwest appears to be trying to take baby steps to get slightly better.

Parkview is the only LRSD school that is attracting any talent, and none of the three who signed with Arkansas have worked out for one reason or another. The TE Easley came in hurt and never really healed up enough to compete, Jointer was an okay back stuck behind a lot better talent at RB, and Rogers was an athlete who never really found a position where he was a better football player than others.

The resources in central Arkansas and the players are split among a dozen plus programs with only a very small number of programs having resources for player development. There is little likelihood “Little Rock” it is possible in near future to get its act together. Too many factors working against that.

We fled Little Rock in 91 for Benton. It was a great move for us and our 2 girls. We lived in SW Little Rock and our neighborhood was going down fast. One morning I was leaving the neighborhood and came upon a crime scene where a dead man was laying in a yard after being shot trying to break in a residence. That confirmed time to move. We grew up in Pine Bluff and I had been robbed twice at gun point there. We needed a quieter safer place for our girls. We found that in Benton.

At least LRSD is producing players worthy of recruiting now. For a long time it wasn’t. Next step is to produce players that can contribute at the SEC level. Even the private schools aren’t doing much of that.

I just moved my folks out of LR. Spent some time in downtown cleaning out an office. Dead. The whole city seems to be dying on the vine. I grew up there and it’s home. But the bad public education and other vast issues are just killing it. Sad.


Big downtown office buildings are no more viable in Little Rock than most anywhere else, most businesses don’t need large office spaces to function, and a good many don’t need any office space at all. Fewer office workers mean fewer businesses whose main clientele is office workers.

There are a lot more people living in the downtown area than there were twenty years ago, with lots of new apartments and condos(stretching into downtown North Little Rock). New business growth is centered on restaurants, bars etc., and some additional hotels. The River Market area, SOMA, an old industrial area just east of I-30, and Argenta in downtown North Little Rock are active areas with a lot of people in the area, especially on weekends.


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