Landing Recruits

I may be reading too much into this, but now that it has happened twice, I wanted to point out something. We had a spot for a big scoring guard. We brought in Isaiah Moss and Jaire Greyer back-to-back. Moss committed first and he got the spot. We also had a spot for a penetrating point guard. Ryan Woolridge and Jimmy Whitt visited back-to-back. Whitt committed first and he got the spot.

This is something that really excites me and I hope we will see the same thing in the fall when the high school recruits start taking visits. That is, that Coach Musselman does so well at attracting the attention of high level recruits, that they will recognize that if they don’t come on board, another high level player will take their spot (as opposed to zeroing in on a few very specific recruits and waiting for them to decide, and then moving down the list if they don’t pick us).

I think this was a case where they had a pecking order.

Since coaches have to stay mum on recruiting and can only talk about the recruit that does sign, we never know what actually took place. But keep in mind, Grayer doesn’t know yet if he will get a hardship year to play next year. And Wolridge was coming off an injury. That may have played into this or not. Who knows.

If I was the coach and I thought Woolridge is better than Whitt and Whit wanted to commit, I would contact Woolridge and tell him that it was time to make a decision. Rather than make it “first come first served”, unless I evaluate both players to be the same. Seems like that is what any coach would do.

I see similarities in the 2020 recruiting cycle. Coach Muss is whole heartedly recruiting the elite instate prospects.

For example say we already have a verbal commitment from #19 Kyree Walker with limited scholarships, he’s NOT going to delay a verbal commitment from say #38 player in Bryce Thompson awaiting decision from #35 Moses Moody because of his connection to the state.

Same goes for any other instate player…would absolutely love to have you representing your home state but loyalty is a 2-way street…