Lance Harter announces retirement

Lance will step down in June 2023. Chris Johnson, who is in his 11th season as the sprints coach, will be promoted to head coach at that time.


Lance has been world class. I am hopeful that he has a fun final year. He deserves it.

That will complete 33 years as HC at Arkansas. John McDonnell was the XC HC for 36 years and track HC for 30. That’s a long time for two guys to run programs that have been so successful. Bev Rouse definitely got that hire right.

I was hoping we hosted a national meet before then, but the indoor doesn’t come back to Tyson until 2025 and we’re not getting outdoor anytime soon thanks to the Death Star in Eugene.

Speaking of the Death Star: In which movie can old Hayward Field be seen in the background of one scene?

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