Lakia Henry

situation has me concerned…Thought he was a SLAM DUNK!..

He was telling people he was coming. We’ll see.

All I can say is I’m stunned.


This is a disappointing finish to say the least.

What is happening with Lakia Henry?

So, did he flip to OM?

did someone come in with a big ole bag of money

Cant flip if not committed in the first place

okay. fine. Is he going to OM?

There is no other way to say this - Chavis, our LB coach, got his butt handed to him. Losing two LBs to divisional rivals on signing day and only signing one is a huge fail.

Oh well - I guess Scoota and Bumper can play 98% of the snaps again this season. That will work out well!

It’s official now, just watched him put on the OM hat.

Unfortunately this is spot on. Perhaps the biggest need on the team, and 2 big whiffs. It doesn’t take away from a great overall class, but it does leave a hole there. And losing to SEC West hurts even more. My question on Lakia Henry is what the heck happened?

Welcome to BIG BOY recruiting…it ain’t ever over till the ink is on the paper!.. Everyone is out to get everybody!!!

Hogs need to get a little more serious about recruiting.

You forgot your sarcasm emoticon. Goodness, this staff has worked harder at recruiting than any in recent history.

I thought when we got Chavis that we’d atleast get a decent recruiter because of his name and history. He has really disappointed in the LBer recruiting, and that’s his thing.

I wonder how long he will be around if that continues, because he’s not in his prime coaching anymore either.

Surely you jest.


Most of the defensive recruits we landed are because of Chief.

This is what I have heard. He and his girlfriend came to Fayetteville Sunday to find an apartment. They may have put down a deposit. They told the coaches they were coming.

Ol Ms visited his mother in Georgia on Mon or Tues. Yeah, I know, it’s a violation, dead period. Mother got in the car and drove all night to Kansas. She told Lakia that he was going to sign with OM, not Arkansas. She hung around and attended the press conference to make sure he signed with OM.