Lakia Henry will

be live tomorrow for his announcement.

This has me concerned!!!


Cause he was scheduled to sign today is what I thought…

Maybe he thought that tweet was from today and Henry was delaying a day?

That tweet has a time stamp. It says 21:40 (9:40 pm) 5 Feb is when he posted it. It is the 6th today

RD’s post also is time stamped yesterday

Apparently some last minute movement over to OM which isn’t suspicious at all.

Yep, a couple flips on the crystal ball, and another AR guy said, “All I can say is Ole Mi$$”

Hope they’re wrong

Momma likes Ole Miss.

What happened here?

He was supposedly here to look at apartments on Sunday.


Scoota going to be so pissed off.

Scoot a was pissed off with that tweet he posted. Talking about teaching his brother to committ and not flip.

Otis just said Ole Miss

Oh he is going to be SUPER PISSED if Lakia played him like that. It was us and Texass and all of a sudden Ole Piss back in it??? Something doesn’t smell right if he signs with them!

I would agree…they are a Dead Man Walking so they are toe-ing the line… Kids Mama wanted him closer to home…

I thought that was about Otey. Maybe it was about Lakia.

It was, perhaps this is Ole Miss, bringing the $$ late and he’s trying to decide if it’s worth it or not…

Something is going on

No question that’s what it is.

We better counter or call the NCAA , lol

Didn’t Ole Miss flip a five star running back from Alabama this morning?