Lakia Henry posted....visiting Ole Miss.....but the funny thing is...

when you go into the tweet and look at all of the folks tweeting back at him it is OVERWHELMINGLY Hog Fans by a LONG SHOT!!! Aside from the odd rant between an Ole Miss Fan and Hail State Fan which had nothing to do with Lakia’s tweet, clearly more Hog fans!

It is clearly evident which fan base is trying harder to persuade him to come to their school. Thought it was funny and pretty cool to see by our fellow Hog fans…way to go everyone. The best part, our fans were very classy with their posts as well which is even better to see.

Not saying it’s a deciding factor but with kids every bit helps. They notice that stuff.

Recruits are human to.
Gotta respect the love.

Agree RD!