Lakeside's Braylen Russell pledges to Hogs for '24 class


Great news!

This was the news. There was a miscommunication on when it would happen.

What kind of player is he??

This kind!
(Mid-Season Highlights - Braylen Russell highlights - Hudl)

Saw him play Friday night against Hot Springs. I have a grandson that is a senior on the Hot Springs team. Lakeside used the same hook and ladder play as the one in the hudl highligts. Same result too.
Hot Springs appeared flat for the game, but Lakeside was amped for whatever reason. I sure didn’t know Jared McBride was the coach there.

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The kid is a beast for a soph in high school, based on some highlights I saw Friday night… He almost looks like more of a TE than an RB.

I had the same thought. It will become clear in a couple of years. Speed will be a major determinant.

Huge and exciting news…

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He could be that year’s Dominique.

Little background

Man, we will really be playing Big Boy ball by then when you have a big bruising rb like Russell to go along with the lineman we currently have on campus and committed. Similar to what an Alabama and Georgia can do by running right at you with big physical backs, but speed at wr and weapons at TE. I know it all depends on development, but that’s an exciting thought.

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Yep, me too. Read an article recently, dated, I think in 2010, where he had been named HC at Lakeside. And, had served successfully as OC at several Arkansas high schools that included Fayetteville High School. All that after graduating from UofA in 2001.

Most on this board probably don’t know of Jared’s success as a player at Nashville and utter failure at UofA. And, maybe at Colorado; memory may be a little fuzzy on the later.

Apparently he got it together as a coach; been at Lakeside over 10 years. Great to see, because those of us who do remember him, his problems are what’s comes to mind.

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