Lakers win

I’m a die hard Laker fan, but I’ve got to say this championship made me as sad as it made me happy. Definitely bittersweet. All I could think about last night was Kobe. Losing Kobe, GiGi, and those 7 other people on January 26th just foretold what an awful year this has turned out to be. And all of this GOAT talk about LeBron is BS. I want to be a LeBron fan, but I just am not. He didn’t even mention Kobe after the game. Classless. The only player to ever come close to Jordan is Kobe Bryant, and no one can tell me different. Period.

But the Lakers wouldn’t be Champs without Lebron and his influence to bring in AD.
AD did say this one is for Kobe.

Lebron isn’t the GOAT. I wouldn’t even put him the top 25 best NBA players of all time. For him to win, he needs a team of all-stars.

I’d love to see the list of 25 players better than LeBron James

I’d love to see the list of champions with only one All Star.

Dirk and Dallas?

At the time of at least one of their championships: Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Willis Reed, Dirk Nowitski, Shaq(with the Heat, though that can be debatable), Bill Russell(my personal favorite player of all time, also debatable because of injuries to star players for the season), Kobe Bryant. I can list others but they would be side characters to the bigger stars like Bob Cousey and John Havlicek for Bill Russell.

A list of 25 would be my opinion only, but I based my opinion on the fact that the Golden Era of NBA basketball is over and has been over since the Lakers/Celtics last played in the finals. From the 60’s thru early 2000’s, is where basketball was played the way it was supposed to be played. Not James’ flopping crying type of game that is played now.

You watched the NBA finals? You’re part of an exclusive, close knit group.

The list changes as time goes by. For instance George Mikan was I think the most dominate player in the NBA in his day but few even know who he is now. So I feel any listing should be made of eras, not overall. It is not the same game it once was.

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I did hear LeBron talk about Kobe and Gigi quite a bit. I can’t remember if he made a reference to the 7 other people.

Very very pleased to see Lakers won. Celtics can no longer about that one stat.

I am a fan of LeBron. He converted me into a fan after he left the Heat. I have not witnessed anyone play like LeBron, but I don’t think he is better than MJ. At the same time, I know the clock is running, but I don’t think the LeBron story has ended yet.

It made AD bigger in my eyes when he mentioned Kobe, and you could tell he really meant it. I think deep down LeBron is jealous of how much Laker fans loved Kobe. We will never love him that way.

I agree with you about the jealousy.

He should have mentioned Kobe when he was interviewed after winning Finals MVP. He did not do that. All I got from his comments was he wanted his “damn respect.” Like I sad, classless, and completely tone deaf to the franchise he currently plays for.

Respect is earned and he lost a lot all the way back to his “announcement” interview.

1st - I agree with you about LeBron. Personal opinion, I think he is overrated, I also believe when he came into the league, the commissioner told officials to help him out anyway possible. Jordan had retired before that Commissioner, and he wanted to be the commissioner for the GOAT, so he changed the rules to help LeBron. I’ve said before LeBron hasn’t ever scored a legitimate point in the NBA. Officials allow all kind of stuff Jordan would have been called for. Like 27 steps for a dunk, Jordan would have been called for traveling (and it’s not just LeBron, I’ve seen several players, including Giannis, and Harden, pick up the ball at mid court, not dribble, dunk the ball and get points, me and you both know they traveled).

  1. I don’t rank Jordan as the GOAT. I say Kobe was better. Jordan meant more to the brand and for that he gets the distinction. They interviewed Kobe one time talking about him ripping off Jordan’s moveset. Kobe showed his and MJ’s moves were from all the greats. Jordan was the first athletic player to combine them. Kobe was (IMO) actually more athletic and a better ball handler and defensive player. Again just my opinion.

  2. However, I don’t blame LeBron or his “yes men” for the decision. Think about the spectacle made by ESPN for HS kids committing to college. LeBron didn’t get to do that. When the decision happened, it was a fan idea that caught his agents attention that LeBron should get his “Commitment” moment. I actually didn’t have an issue with it (and I maybe in the minority here).

Like you said about Jordan and the brand, the stunt of Lebron having an entire show dedicated to his team decision was asinine by the ESPN and the league and Lebron’s popularity paid the price. He’s pretty much famous because most people want to see him lose.

And you’re right about what he gets away with. I saw a youtube computation of fouls committed on Jordan vs. fouls committed on Lebron, and the amount of flopping he gets away with is a disservice to the NBA.

In the effort of fairness, Davis Stern was the commissioner for all of Jordan’s career and all but the last few years of LeBron’s. I do agree that Kobe was a much better player. Kobe was grace in motion. LeBron is like bull in a china shop. He just overpowers everyone.

You’re correct about Stern, I’m not sure who I’m thinking of. Maybe confusing NFL with NBA

Looks like somebody just couldn’t help themselves.

Ratings not as good as someone else’s right hogsrus??


Finals ratings were down 70% from last season.

I’ve been a Lakers fan since 1968. However, lost all interest with Lebron James arrival (to the Lakers) with his attitude/politics/etc…Lost all interest in this C19 season with the NBA’s fully supported and embraced activism. Just too much for me and obviously too much for the general public.


I think these were the worst NBA Finals ratings in history, at least since ratings have been recorded.
As for as who gets away with more stuff on the court, that mostly started during the MJ era and he got away with a lot as well. But since then it has gotten ridiculous.