Lakers' arena getting a new name

As of Christmas Day, Staples Center is no longer Staples Center. is paying a reported $700 million over 20 years to rename the downtown LA arena as Arena. The arena has been named for the office supply store since it opened in 1999. Supposedly the biggest stadium naming rights deal in sports history. The previous record seems to be the hockey/basketball arena in Toronto, which went for about $630 million US ($800M Canadian) in 2017.

Is it going to get to the point that Bud Walton Arena becomes Arena? It might. A college arena doesn’t get the kind of exposure that a pro arena does (Staples Center has more than 120 NBA and NHL games per season, not counting playoff games) but if somebody wanted to pay $8-10 million a year it would be tough to turn down.

And after all, BWA and RRS weren’t named for coaches or players. They were named for rich guys who wrote big checks.

I miss the days when arenas had names like The Fabulous Forum, the Cow Palace, the Gahden, The Spectrum, The Summit, The Valley of the Sun, and the Checkerdome.

Checkerdome was a sponsorship name too. It was owned by Ralston Purina, which had a checkerboard logo until Nestle bought it out.

The Valley of the Sun is the name of the entire Phoenix area, not an arena name. The original arena was the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, which has been in the news lately because that’s where the audit of the Phoenix presidential voting took place. Then they moved to what is now called Footprint Center in downtown Phoenix.

I hope AEG is getting their naming rights money up front. I have doubts will even be around in 20 years.

I pretty much agree. Maybe not in 3, much less 20. Like Enron in Houston

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