LaFrance could be headed to Southern (story)...

which makes some sense. … er-portal/

Grant, Bumper, Hayden and the others must be doing well this year for him to leave. Perhaps he saw he wasn’t going to be able to keep a starting spot? Sometimes a fresh start at a smaller school closer to home is the wise move. Hope it works out for him.

So, was he really 4th string…as this may say something about the 2nd and 3rd teammers.

Well he can go back to the South of LaFrance for all I care. I just hope CCM emulates his old boss Dabo and does not award Gio a ring when we win the National Championship.

Does anyone else see this as alarming. We are a injury away from being in trouble at LB. And the #1 rated LB in LA, couldn’t crack the 2 deep?? He cant be that overrated.

I’m not sure what you mean by alarming, if you are suggesting the current staff can’t coach or just worried about LB depth.

I don’t remember him being the number 1 rated LB in Louisiana. The previous staff was happy to get him, but he’s a fourth year junior who never cracked the two-deep with two different defensive staffs. He’s also such a hot property as a transfer that he is probably going to an FCS school. I hope he does well there, but I can’t really buy that he did not get a fair chance here or that poor coaching kept the cream from rising to the top.

Yup…happened before and will happen again…maybe more to come for this season.

Not alarming…normal. Probably not normal if he is the only one leaving.

He should have been better based on his high school accolades.

He wasn’t.

You don’t play just eight snaps on defense in three years and go into the fourth year as either a third -or fourth-team guy if you are legit.

Not a question of him being held back. He just didn’t perform and they have been dying for him to do so.

It’s not the first LB to not pan out and likely want me the last.

I think it is easy to say that linebacker has been the position the recruiting has been least productive in terms of hits and misses regarding depth.

He was a 3-star prospect and not the overall number one overall linebacker in Louisiana that year, but he was the No. 1 inside linebacker prospect.

He was ranked as the No. 45 player in Louisiana that year, but the No. 32 inside linebacker prospect nationally. There were and still aren’t as many inside linebacker prospects as there are outside ones

Talk about a 2016 linebacker class that did not pan out:

• Giovanni LaFrance
• Dee Walker
• Alexy Jean-Baptiste

Thankfully for Arkansas, the Razorbacks had one guy in that class did work out in De’Jon “Scoota” Harris

Nicholls St is LaFrances landing spot.

I’m still a bit stunned that he flew the coup this late in the summer. I was thinking he was very much in the coaches’ plans this season (at least I was hoping so).

Anyone know if the coaches tried to dissuade him or if there’s a rest-of-the-story comment?

Not sure how much coaches dissuade 4th stringers from transferring.