Ladybacks loss to Auburn

Ladybacks made a great comeback at the end, but just lost their focus with the lead and 23 seconds to go, taking the ball inbounds. They still had one timeout, but let Auburn muscle the ball away, causing the Arkansas player to foul and that was that. Dungee had another huge game.

Chelsea Dungee had 41 points, the most by any player in the SEC this season.

She was 10 of 18 from the field, 4 of 7 from 3 and made 17 of her 19 free throw attempts.

Chelsea came into the game averaging 18 points per game.

She is a redshirt sophomore from Sapulpa, Okla., and transferred from Oklahoma.

After taking the lead in the last 2 minutes, they had three straight bad offensive possessions and went scoreless.

I could guess what they were going to do on the first two and I am sure Auburn could guess too. Dundee, being hot, was going solo. Certainly not what Neighbors called for after the timeout.

I’m glad that we have Dungee but why did she leave Oklahoma?

It appears that she was a big fan of Coach Neighbors, but didn’t want to go to college all the way in Washington.

When he got to Arkansas, she decided to transfer despite having started 18 games and playing in 33 as a freshman at OU.

Of course, her hometown of Supulpa is just two hours from Fayetteville.

Thanks Dudley. Could you list recruits coming in and transfers and their classification? Also list their positions and height please.

You are the best Dudley!

was impressed with how dungee led them almost all the way back after being down 17 in the 3rd quarter.need some inside players that are on the way next year.have always enjoyed the women’s game more as the daughter played thru high school;the oldest grand daughter is playing now and have 2 other grand daughters who are getting started dribbling the ball.the future looks very good for the women’s program

I love our new coach - love him!


But he screwed the end of that game up - there is no other way to say it.

We have a time out before the LSU possession, where options can be laid out (if we have a 1 point lead - i.e., they miss - they will be fouling us to send us to the line. If THEY have the lead, we take it down to 5 seconds and run play X to get a shot to win it (unless we have a wide open person under the basket sooner).

But what happened is that we had the ball, behind by 1 point, with just under 30 seconds (i.e., the shot clock is OFF). We come down, and for about 15 seconds, Malika Monk stands just across half-court, dribbling under no duress or pressure. And here is where Neighbors screwed up. He called a time out with 7 seconds left on the clock! WHY?

Here is my issue with that move. If you want or feel you need to set up a play (and, again, it easily could have been set up in the prior TO just a few seconds earlier), at least do it earlier in the shot clock. At 7 seconds, there is NO time if the play you set up doesn’t work to recover and get something open. Plus - and here was the biggie to me - S. Carolina’s pressure was clearly bothering in us in the second half, and they are known for trapping. As soon as the timeout was called, I was wondering if we’d be able to get the ball in bounds against that pressure.

So what happened? First, we could NOT get it in, and had to call a time out. Then, we came back from that second TO and STILL couldn’t get the ball in. S. Carolina stole the in-bounds pass, we had to foul them and that was basically it.

I surely wish I knew what his logic was in calling the TO at 7 seconds. You have the ball in Malika’s hands, which is where you want it - whatever play you’re going to run. Why take it down to 7 seconds and call a time out, introducing an additional degree of difficulty to the mix? I just don’t get it.