Ladybacks in SEC tourney vs Georgia

The lady’s scored 48 in the first half and Georgia has 35. That’s the most they have scored in the first half this season. Man they are hot shooting the ball.
They also are making their free throws!
One more good half to go.

Lead was 19, now down to 9 with 6 minutes left. Need to steady the ship and close this one out.

Lack of height and rebounding starting to turn against them

But they are doing it all, shooting well, driving to the basket, making FT’s.
Need a little better rebounding here late.

Yep, but Chelsea Dungee is going nuts. 30 points

86-76 final. Play South Carolina tomorrow at 5 p.m. Arkansas time.

How about them Lady Razorbacks!! Congrats to team and coaches. WPS

Right on. Good win.

There were a few whistles that I don’t like! The Georgia big girl got by with some pounding on our players. The rebounding was hand to hand combat! The speed of the hogs was more than the slow bulldogs could handle.
5 players in double figures and they moved the ball. They have a chance to beat the gamecocks tomorrow. They will be better again next season. Coach Mike Neighbors will make other teams hate to come to the hill!

Chelsea Dunge is a legitimate star.