Ladybacks edge Tenn 80/79!!!

First time Mike has beaten Tenn and the first time AR has beaten Tenn since 2012.
Really good game!

great effect…attacked every chance they could…think the Lady Volunteers have quit on their coach…no one can be Pat…so Tenn needs to accept that from Warwick…

They played really well on the road. They were draining the 3’s! for most of the game. Kinda cooled off in the 4th qtr, but hit enough to keep it close, then M Monk nailed that two pointer to give them the lead and the game.
They are fun to watch.

Really look well coached and play hard. Fun game to watch!

Is Golden hurt?

Tennessee has lost 5 games in a row, counting tonight…That probably hasn’t happened in the last 50 years.

On the Hog side, that little guard Malika Monk is quick as a hiccup. She made the winning 10’ jumper.

CMN put that quickness to work for the team. He was asked about not calling a timeout before that last shot. He said they had practiced for such a situation and Malica had more of an advantage without allowing Tennessee a chance to set up a defense.

Great win. This is the best news hog fans have had it a few weeks. The Vols were already pretty hot about their head coach.
Welcome to reality Vols fans.
There more to come with the Ladybacks.
CMN is getting in done!

Women are currently tied for fourth in the SEC at 3-2. Tennessee is next to last at 1-5. The three teams we’ve beaten are below us in the standings, the two who beat us are above us, but that’s basically how it’s supposed to work anyway.

Hogs got outrebounded and outshot from the field, but forced 16 EOE turnovers to 8 of their own and hit 12 treys. Making 14 of 17 at the line didn’t hurt either, although Tennessee was 14 of 18.

The girls just keep putting it together and don’t panic in close games on the road. May not be the Tenn team of yore with Pat as their Coach but none the less they were ranked and still have talent.
Great game Ladybacks.


Although EOE fell out of the AP top 25 this week, they’re still in the coaches’ poll – mainly because that doesn’t come out until today. So the Lady Vols remained ranked on a technicality which will be corrected today completely unrelated to our win last night.

She went down with - I believe - a left leg injury in the Vanderbilt game on Jan. 13. She tweeted a few days ago that she will be back playing again in 3 weeks, so that’s good news.

Coach Neighbors and the Ladys are getting it done, good job by all! WPS

Wonder if they’ll make a single sweet 16 in his first 7 years?