Lady softball Hogs win series in Gainesville

Great game by Sides and we win a tough won behind Delce relieving Haff whom I hope to soon resume her pior dominance. This game proved SEC toughness. All in all well played.

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Way to go ladies

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Great job ladies!! Way to go down to Gator land and get a Great series win!
Go for a sweep tomorrow!


the girls are playing with that chip on their shoulders…Alabama and Florida think last year was a fluke and the team is wanting to prove them and the rest of the SEC wrong

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Speaking of Bama, they’re behind A&M 4-0 in the second inning and in danger of losing the series at College Station.

Make that 7-0 in the second. Aggies got a 3 run jack.

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She may not come out and say it, but I suspect Ms. Sides is just tickled (Piggie) pink over that. :grin:

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Aggies now up 8-0 in the bottom of the fourth. Which means they can run-rule the Tide with three outs in the fifth,

Bama coach left their starter in way too long in the 7-run second, and the reliever wasn’t much better. (I’m not impressed with the Scum’s softball coach, put it that way, who made Ms. Sides bunt and slap-hit.)

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Bama got a run in the top of the fifth, but A&M matched it in the bottom of the fifth for a 9-1 run-rule victory. First time Bama’s been run-ruled in the SEC since 2014.


Well Bama getting run rulled makes this a very good day! I guess our hogs lead the SEC now.


Current standings (Hogs have two series remaining, Bama only one)

Hogs 14-4
Bama 14-7
Tenn 11-6

Hogs have last-place South Carolina at Bogle Park this weekend and next-to-last A&M on the road the final weekend (of course A&M just took a series from Bama, so not to be taken lightly). But if the Hogs win four of the remaining six games, they win the league regardless of what Bama does, and a sweep of the Poultry would clinch a tie regardless (and could clinch the outright title this weekend if Bama loses once to Misery and Tennessee loses once to OM).

Tennessee had a game with Misery rained out, thus are a game short. They could finish 17-6 but a 4-2 finish by the Hogs locks them out too.

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They are playing so well… Appear to have a bona fide Ace and the hitting has been even better this year than last year…I think this team can be a force to be reckoned with… Great job ladies!! Enjoy watching you play.

Softball rankings:
RPI Hogs #7
D1Softball: Hogs #5
Softball coaches: Not out yet (#7 last week)
USA Softball: Not out either (#6 last week)
Softball America: Not out (#6 last week)

All of which looks good for hosting a regional and super at Bogle again.

Jeff Long screwed up a lot of things, but he got the softball coaching hire right.

why is Bama ranked ahead of us?did they beat us this year or is it based on their reputation previously?

Bama has been ranked up there all year and hadn’t lost enough to fall very far. We’ll see what the updated rankings this week do. We don’t play Bama this year, just as we didn’t play Florida last year (tied them for the SEC title). The SEC softball schedule is 24 games (8 series), meaning you don’t play four SEC teams (Vandy doesn’t have softball).

Softball America has updated; we moved from 6 to 5. Bama dropped to 7. So there’s part of your answer.

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Coaches poll: Hogs remain 7th, Bama dropped from 2 to 5. Florida went from 8 to 9.

USA Softball still hasn’t updated.

USA Softball now out. Hogs #5. Bama #6.

Only one school is in the top 5 in both baseball and softball. Us.

Probably due to their Ace, All-American Montana Fouts

Who got her butt kicked by the Aggies last week.

I’ve seen her at the coffee place. I will not talk about her butt she’s pretty.

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