Lady Razorbacks

Barnum and Daniels will use their COVID year and return next season according to someone on Twitter. Paul Boyd retweeted it so I assume it is true.

Good news for Razorback Women’s team


Can confirm. Sunday is Senior Day, and they will just be celebrating Chrissy Carr, Avery Hughes and some managers.

Asked Mike about it yesterday:

“They don’t want there to be any ambiguity. They’re both playing, they’re enrolled in class, their families are making plans to go with us on the foreign tour. So they’re starting to plan out their next year. No use going through senior day if you’re going to do it next year.”

Fantastic news. Anyone know why Dauda is not playing much lately? Is it her knee? he had a couple of really nice games. Then less time. I assume it is the knee bothering her.

We need her to get well for next season and be the inside defensive and rebounding presence we desperately need.

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Dauda is a really fine young lady. I’m not convinced she can play against SEC talent. I know she was shut down by another 6’ young lady in HS. I admit there is some sour grapes to my theory.

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Blond girl, currently residing in T-town? :sunglasses:


:wink: :rofl:

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From the few games I’ve seen, Dauda doesn’t seem to ever play with Barnum on the floor. If that is the case, then there won’t be many minutes for her since Barnum is playing at a very high level. Hopefully Mike and the staff can work on a line up next season that will let them play together more. I don’t know if Dauda has an outside shot, but she seems pretty athletic for her size.

You are right. But, dare I say, Mike is gonna HAVE to play them together more. Not all the time. But teams like USC, LSU, Georgia even just KILL us on the offensive boards. We have all seen that. And LD, none other than Kim Mulkey has said Dauda would be a star IF she can get her knee healthy. Not saying you are wrong or that Mulkey is right. Just offering that Mulkey is on record with that opinion on Dauda…whom she recruited hard.

I have not given up on Jersey being productive. But I don’t see her ever being a great rebounder. Saylor is currently the only GOOD rebounder we have.

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I watched Dauda hit a 3 a few games ago, Larry. Her shot looked pretty. I’m sure she is still playing with some hesitancy about her knee, but she is really good.

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Afraid she is going to bail for LSU

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I sure hope not I can’t stand their coach Mullkey!

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