Lady Razorbacks

Play tonight. I’ll be watching…Add me to the Chelsea Dungee fan club. That kid can just flat out play.

They are fun to watch. They play hard and hustle! They will be a lot better next year.
I think there’s 2 transfers that sat out this year and there’s a few more coming in.
I think CMN will get them to the dance next season. The SEC won’t over look the hogs! I hope they win the NIT!

Is AR a #1 seed. I ask because I found the NIT bracket, and I don’t see numbers indicating seeding, but AR’s spot on the Bracket is where a #1 seed would usually be listed.

There aren’t any seeds in the WNIT.

Big crowd


Any place to watch?

ESPN+ stream, but it’s over now. 88-80 final in OT.

We play UAB next. I’m guessing we’ll get the home game with this crowd.


What was announced crowd?

I heard them say 3,600 on the broadcast

Sunday @2.
Great game! The hogs played some ball.
It was a back and forth game and a lot of fun to watch.
Dungee had over 30 points. I lost track.

Thanks. Outstanding crowd!!

Chelsea Dungee is just an incredible basketball player! 37 points tonight, and smiling the whole time! And Mike Neighbors is doing such a great job. His substitution patterns late in this game were a sight to behold. This is a fun team to watch.

Yes they are! They will finish a few spots higher in the SEC standings next season.
I think they will finish next season around
4th to 6th in SEC. That would still be upward movement for the team.
Add some more depth at guard and wing with a couple of big girls down low to rebound and they will be hard to beat.

As good as Chelsea is this team is by far not just a 1 pony show though. Those girls play with such awesome teamwork and trust in each other.
Expect CMN to win some COY awards soon. Probably deserves it this year, maybe if they would have won the SECT and got in the dance. But it’s coming in near future I think.
Way to go girls.


I’ve only seen Chelsea play 4 games, 3 in the SEC tourney and tonight. She has a really quick first step. She is able to get around every defender they’ve put on her, including good SEC defenders, and then finish at the hoop. She also has one of the smoothest free throw strokes you’ll ever see.

3,689, with 3,021 tickets scanned

Great crowd, I bet it’s even more Sunday.