Lady Razorbacks

For the past few days, we have watched our Lady Razorbacks to enter the tournament as the 10th seat and advance to the final. Each game presented different challenges, and we watched them overcome it and succeed. In the final game it became a case of “David and Goliath”, and this time David did not succeed. We appreciate the effort they put forth. I think the future will be much brighter when we have better post play and size. Congratulations Lady Razorbacks!

I truly believe CMN will win multiple NC’s at Arkansas… I think he has come in at just the right time… Tennessee with Pat (rest her soul) is no longer dominant, Connecticut is showing cracks and is no longer as dominant as they were (Geno will not coach forever either) so I think the women’s is wide open in the coming years

Too many tired legs today! They played their tails off and I’m proud. A 20 win season and by far the best season our ladies have had in a while.
Maybe next year they earn a top 4 seed and get to rear the first 2 days of the tournament.
Too many shots today were short or long and they didn’t have the energy to play hard nosed defense.
The refs allowed Miss St to walk, push and shove until they built a big lead. They are heading in the right direction.

Hats off to CMN and the Ladys and their strong run to the finals, we’ll done! WPS

Played above themselves this week. All season they worked, played hard, fought through tough times.
Really good mesh between coach and players.
Excellent job Ladies.


I’m really proud of the effort exhibited by the Lady Razorback basketball TEAM in the SEC tournament. I hope they get a WNIT bid and win a few more games there. I’m optimistic they will be better next year. I think Coach Neighbors has the program headed up for even more success in the future. GHG!