Lady Razorbacks will no longer...

kneel during national anthem per head coach Jimmy Dykes.

Two players read statements basically saying they did not mean to disrespect the military. They also noted that they had gone into the community, talked to police and others in the community and had a desire to continue to learn.

In fact, they have come up Project Unify, which will be a campus outreach program.

Very well done.

Thank you Lady Razorbacks. Time to mend the fan base. Stand tall.

I think we can all learn from this episode, and this was a good way to land the issue softly. Lots of viable but different points of view on this. I’ve been pretty critical of other views, here and there, but I do understand how what they did inflames passions, especially of military folks. Let’s move on. Fortunately, because it was just women’s basketball, there’s not a lot of national pub.

Razorback Nation put the press conference video on facebook. You should read the comments from fans on there. I have no idea how Dykes will ever be able to recruit black players after this.

Every coach he recruits against will use this against him. Some of the most racist things I’ve ever read.

Because of the election, this played out below the national media radar. Support of the players by Jimmy and Jeff probably also helped keep this local.

But if comments like this persist, it may not stay below the radar. Arkansas has enough problems recruiting as it is.

I agree! I am proud of the basketball team and Coach Dykes for turning this negative into a positive learning experience for all. Hopefully these racist comments are from outsiders who are using this controversy to damage our program.

And as I pointed out the other day, it is the fans reactions that will be used against Arkansas in football, basketball, etc.

This is all window dressing, the administration finally recognized they were in a no win situation. This should have been thought out thoroughly before the team was allowed to make their case using an inappropriate venue. Damage control and common sense finally kicked in before the national media got ahold of this scenario. That is great news for the Razorback Nation. For an athletic program that meticulously rehearses their presence in the press…a few folks went to sleep…comma like sleep. I am a big believer in the cause…something MUST be done. The U of A could have lost millions of donor money it desperately needs to support non revenue producing sports such as women’s basketball. Quit falling for BS, run to the money line first. There are four areas in public life that public figures, funded by donations, do not express their opinion. 1) Race, 2) Religion, 3) Politics and 4) Sexual orientation/preference. If you are wealthy and do not need any outside funding, you can say and do whatever you wish. That is not the case here. The politicians were also wrong by threatening to withhold funding of ANY kind. That is a knee jerk reaction that potentially could have done MAJOR harm to the U of A. Race and Politics combined would have drawn a national audience, given enough time. The U of A could not fire the coach over this situation nor take the demonstrators off scholarship. See the big picture next time and we will get in these no win scenarios.

First a question:

Would the Bama fans have reacted differently? Tennessee fans? LSU fans? Georgia? South Carolina? Mississippi? I don’t think so. Maybe I am wrong, maybe this issue has happened at some of those places and the fans acted differently. If so, I missed it.

Now a few thoughts:

  1. Their actions did upset me. I think they HAD to know the backlash would come. As you have noted, this will hurt UofA in all kinds of ways. That makes their actions even more hurtful.
  2. That said, and while I sure wish they hadn’t done it, they did achieve their goal in my opinion. At least as to me, while, again, it ticked me off, it did make me think about their issue more clearly than the NFL protest and other similar protest have done.
  3. I was much more upset with how the Administration responded to it than I was at their actions (not saying I wasn’t upset with their actions). The fact that NOW they have come up with a way for them to address their concerns, after we have been damaged, shows even more that the Administration mishandled this. Why not figure this out a week ago and avoid all this?
  4. Their concerns ARE REAL. There are issues (I personally think it is more social-economic based than race based, but to ignore the race issue is folly). I just don’t think protesting the national anthem is the proper way to address the issue.

I am sure that the other fan bases would have reacted accordingly.

And the other coaches would have used that against them.

All is fair game in love, war and recruiting.