Lady Razorbacks vs Vandy

Anybody watching. We look terrible. Too much talent on this team to play this bad on defense.

I will be very disappointed if we lose this game. No reason for it.
The men are getting better late in the year. Why aren’t the ladies?
Too much talent for this crap.

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Too many TO’s and very porous defense.

Seems like every team we play has at least one player on their team that just dominates and bullies us inside.

But our coach has been to final four once just like Stan heath

They just play lackadaisical to me.

Well it looks like coach was getting after his girls during this timeout. Most animated I’ve seen him. This will be a bad loss for the girls.

The ladies has failed to hit free throws. The TO’s have hurt but why didn’t they go to the hole in first half when Vandy had their 2 bugs on the bench with 3 fouls. That’s what puzzled me.
The shots haven’t fell and Vandy has been quicker to loose balls and rebounds. They have time but the D has to come up with stops.

That Washington girl is killing us inside.

I also hate that in every game the announcers also talk up our opponents and seems to be negative r about our hogs.

Yes she is. They can’t stop the ball.

Just absolutely bad defense. Every time we get to within 3, Vandy just comes right back and extends the lead.
We just need some defensive stops

Well Daniels is taking over. They will get this win if she can keep this up. Switch Barnum off the big girl from Vandy.

Washington, on Vandy, has been playing with three fouls since the 2nd qtr.

Washington got by with a foul on Barnum. Arm and on the back.

The girls are fighting back now. Washington should have been tagged with her 4th foul. Blocked the shot but got her on the body!

The pack
Of a whistle and our ladies not getting to the hole is hurting right now. 2 empty possessions hurt there.

Bad time to miss a shot and fail to rebound. They need to foul twice and hope Vandy finally misses some free throws.

I agree…this is a terrible loss…with this much talent unforgivable.

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As much as I like Mike, and I really do, this is a terrible loss.
I’m still waiting for the coaching to catch up to the stellar recruiting.