Lady Razorbacks vs Alabama

Dunno if we will win, but we’re playing hard. Lack of defense really hurts.

Unfortunately more of the same

Just very loose play at critical times

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Why the lack of defensive pressure?

Because Neighbors’ philosophy is to just outgun everybody

Watch a lot of Iowa basketball games and he does not have a Catlin Clark on the perimeter or a Monika
Czinano on the inside. Lost to Uconn 86-79,

Really want to watch and support them, but still not convinced Neighbors is near the coach that he is a recruiter. He gets up for the ‘big’ games but rarely puts a consistently sound team — defense and offense — on the floor. Frustrating to watch; and they miss so many point-blank layups. Usually just toss it up once they get close and hope it goes in or they get bailed out with free throws…oh well, will just have to hope NJS gets back on the floor for the guys.

Critical Turnovers! They let Bama go down hill to hole too much late. The 3 where Bama took the lead late there was a moving screen out high and that gave the girl the open shot. Our hogs failed to get a second shot on the inbounds play to attempt to tie to send the game to OT. Poor play late cost our hogs.

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How larger were the crowds when Gary Blair coached at Arkansas?

That has not been true this year at all. How many games have you watched?

Almost all of them

And it is still a problem. Perhaps not as extreme as in years past. But still evident when playing the better teams.

Neighbors is not the answer. He plays no defense and just wants to beat you outside with threes. He is a good recruiter, however you can’t win with out defense as part of you strategy. It’s sad because he has a lot of talent on that team. A good strong big would go a long way in helping the defense.

Allowing 69 points is not horrible defense. What killed them last night was turnovers, and that will beat anybody, from the Warriors on down. We turned it over 20 times. Bama is the best 3-point shooting team in the SEC and made one more three than we did with 8 seconds left. Ball game.

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I think the turnovers are a byproduct of the “looseness” I was referring to above. I know they want to have a fast paced, free flowing offense, but a little more discipline would help.

There are just so many times where you say “what was she thinking?”

There was one play last night (at a critical time in a close game) when Bama missed a shot, the rebound was coming directly to Spencer, but she turned to start the runout as the ball was coming, and allowed the rebound to go to the Bama player, who made a layup. All she had to do was turn and shield the rebound, but she was more concerned with getting out to run.

To me, the wide open last 3 by Alabama was on us. Our defensive player wasn’t playing tight pressure defense.

Too much dribbling into pressure. Too many live ball turnovers. That’s not usually their issue. Most times it’s bad shots. The number of turnovers limiting attempts. Usually, it’s lack of rebounding or poor shot selection with his teams, but not this time.


Well, he can’t outgun if he has the periods of helter-skelter nonproductive offensive possessions without anyone close to position to rebound. This group has the talent but seems to lack coaching. Tonight Gymnastics Barnhill and after last night basketball attendances is going to further South. It is time for him to get his stuff together and stop making excuses. Very disappointing second half result.

Bama shooter got that last 3 curling off a screen. Executed the play well. Sometimes the other team just makes a play and you have to tip your cap.

…and, to defend this year’s team, they have rebounded the ball MUCH BETTER. Yes, the margin versus SC was horrible. But they have held their own this year. Saylor is a terrific rebounder. Defense has been an emphasis this year too. Poor shot selection has been harped on my Mike himself. It’s better. But not always.

IMO, what this team needs is for Dauda and Wolfenbarger to make a more consistent contribution off the bench. We are basically getting consistent productivity from 6 players. Maryam played great in Baton Rouge. I am sure her knee still bothers her. We need her. Jersey isn’t playing as well as she needs to. That’s the simple truth. Jeff has said several times she is 6-5 and plays 5-8. She also seems to get overwhelmed and lost in the action at times. Doesn’t read the game well. She is smooth but not quick. So she is gonna have to learn how to use her height.

Sorry if I sound defensive. But I have sen Mike make some deliberate changes this year. I want to give credit where credit is due. If the girls had pulled it out at LSU (and they damn near did) this might be a different conversation…and they probably would have won last night.

They need a win.

There’s 4 games this season they have lost when they had the lead in the 4 quarter.
2 games out west Fl Gulf coast hit a 3 to send that game to OT and the hogs lost
The other game out west they had the lead and missed free throws that cost them
At LSU failed to finish a couple of easy shots at the rim and had an illegal screen, they had a couple of TO’s on poor passes, and Missed a Barnum 3! They still had a chance to tie and send the game to OT but all of these games and the Bama game were games they had the chance to win. This is just part of it. Don’t blame our coaches they are light years away on defense from where the splash sister were.

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