Lady Razorbacks vs. A&M

Playing decent defense, but missing way too many easy buckets and making silly mistakes on offense.

A&M seems to have the same gameplan as every team that is bigger than us. Pound it inside and see if we can stop it.

Our ladies need to pick up the intensity, especially with rebounding and we can pull out another top 10 victory.

Any idea why Ramirez isn’t there? That’s a huge hole in the offense

None, but she is missed big time.

Gary Blair’s game plans don’t change – unless he doesn’t have an inside presence. Since he’s been at A&M, seems like he’s had that every season.

4th about to start and we are down by 6. Still very much in the game, but we need to make a run now and force A&M to chase us this last quarter.

They made the run now it’s down to the wire.

That turnover by Dungee was all Thomas’ fault. Now A&M has the last shot to win.


Arkansas goes up by 4 with 40 seconds left. A&M takes a quick drive and the officials call a BULLCRAP call for an and 1. Arkansas is now up 1 with 30 seconds left. Dungee is dribbling the ball and is having a hard time getting it across, then Thomas screws up and runs right at Dungee and now Dungee is pinned down by 3 defenders and her own teammate and turns the ball over.

A&M scores with .4 left on the clock, the clock operator screws up and starts the clock early showing A&M our last play, we have to restart the play. Then Dungee gets hit hard on the last shot, NO CALL!!! We lose by 1. This game was lost by Thomas and the officials.

General hog, I have watched that last play over and over again. I even slowed it down on the DVR. Looks clean ball to me.

On Nixon’s layup and one, we clearly hacked her. No one from Arkansas protested that call.

On that last turnover, Dundee tried to hurry the ball down the court and kind of lost control of it.

I think the screwup was the home clock operator setting off the buzzer prematurely with 0.4 seconds left. Mike had designed a sweet play with a Dungee lob throw in to Thomas. I don’t think Aggies were expecting that. Of course, Thomas would have to make the shot, but it could have worked. I think it was Thomas. Maybe it was as locus.

With the clock operator screwing up, Mike had to come up with another play. I thought on the final Take 2 of the final play, clock operator waited too long to start the clock. Having set it off prematurely before, I figured he would wait a fraction of a second longer.

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Very unlucky,played great defense on that last shot, will make that 2/10 very tough to hit that running banker, but she did… Tough break

Disagree on every account.

Dungee’s left hand clearly was pushed to the left(or at least her fingers) on that last shot.

The and one was extremely weak call. The defenders hands were up and the shooter just threw herself into the shot, hence, why the layup was perfectly laid in because there was no resistance.

Agree that Dungee was out of control, which didn’t help, but when Thomas ran up to her(you can see it on replay) it forced Dungee to her right and pinned Dungee between 3 A&M defenders, Thomas, and the out of bounds line.

The team had a bunch of bad things go against them that took the victory away from them. The worst was the officiating the last 30 seconds. Neighbors was right to be pissed off and go off on the officials. If they called that weak and one 30 seconds earlier, they should have called the foul on Dungee.

Yeah, our conference record won’t show it, but we are a legit good team. We had two games where officials determined the outcome and played one team who just caught fire. Arkansas played way better defense and had a chance to win without one of its strongest players. It’s just frustrating to see what happened happen.

Last shot was a clean block with left hand. The fourth replay showed it pretty clearly. We definitely fouled on other end.

I don’t know what y’all saw but I’ve made many a call on blocked shots, and that wasn’t clean, and I’ve relooked at it now 10 times. And the and one was still weak, I wouldn’t have called it for sure.

Letting them get penetration and easy looks in the last couple minutes with the difference. Cut off the drive and you win easy. We gave that game away.

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