Lady Razorbacks up 7-2 on Georgia in 6th

Hogs lead Georgia on a grand slam 4-0. Bottom 3

It was actually a 3 run homer after the previous batter doubled home a run.

Your right. Sorry about that! The hogs still lead 4-2 top 6 we are batting with 0 outs.

AJ Belans hit the three-run homer after an RBI single.

Arkansas is now up 5-2 in the sixth

Now up 5-3 bases loaded and 1 out. The ladies could blow this open. It would be nice to add 1 or 2 more insurance runs.

Make that 7-2. Bases-loaded walk and a sac fly, and Georgia never had 3.

Arkansas 6, Georgia 2 in sixth

Lady Razorbacks have the bases loaded and one out

Sacrifice Fly pushes Arkansas’ lead to 7-2 with two outs in the sixth

Why did the last young lady run towards the pitches? I’m confused, thought that was an out, but I know less about softball than baseball.

Mary Haff is pitching in relief today after throwing a complete game yesterday (you can do that in softball, apparently, although I’ve read some reports that softball pitchers risk the same overuse injuries as their overhand-throwing cousins in baseball). Mary won’t get the win today, but she did yesterday, which gave her 25 wins, tied for most in the nation. She’s also a finalist for national freshman of the year.

As long as you stay in the batter’s box, it’s legal in both sports. Only left-handed hitters do it, in either sport. Best known practitioner? Ichiro.

I thought she was out of the box every time, that’s what I was referring to

I didn’t notice that. I did see a girl get called for being out of the box in an SEC game recently. A lot of lefty hitters in softball seem to combine that with slap hitting, trying to place the ball between third base and short. Ichiro also does/did slap hitting, along with drag bunts trying to beat the 1B or covering pitcher to the bag.

Georgia gets a run back in the bottom of the sixth, now 7-3 with an inning to go.

Walk and two singles produced another run. Three outs to go.

Dudley this may be one of the best ladies teams we’ve had. What your opinion

Happ did get the win so now a 26-6 record. She doesn’t lead the nation in wins after all (a Michigan pitcher has 32) but she’s now fourth in the country and leads the SEC.

Army, I think this is absolutely the best softball team we’ve had. School record for wins is 46 in 1999, but they played more games back then and that team didn’t even make the NCAA Tournament. This team is an NCAA lock, maybe even a regional host. Today was our 39th win, with barely half as many losses as that '99 team had.

Agree with Swine. Looking at records over the years, you have to remember the rule changes. It’s not likely this team will reach 46 wins but they should get 40 at some point, which is a milestone in the era of fewer games. Getting to the SEC semifinals for the first time speaks to how good the team is. Plus, their RPI being in the Top 20 also speaks for itself. They still need to improve to compete day-in, day-out with the best of the SEC, but they are looking, as Frank would say, bettah and bettah each season under Diefels.

I looked at the only softball bracketology site I know of, which was updated Monday. Arkansas was listed as a 2 seed in the Eugene, Oregon, regional. But wins over Kentucky (also projected as a 2) and Georgia (not only a 1 seed, but a projected top-8 seed) might change that. Beating South Carolina tomorrow (projected as a regional host and 13 national seed) would certainly improve their chances to host.

The announcers today mentioned something about going to the Oklahoma Regional, though I didn’t hear it all. Not sure that would be good for their chances. Nothing will be easy, but Oklahoma is a fixture in softball these days.