Lady Razorbacks are losing

Lady Razorbacks will lose to Georgia. Lady backers looked slow and out of sync.

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Too many turnovers in 3rd quarter with a 7 point lead! Passes at each other feet and just running into getting their shot blocked. The wrong people handling ball at a critical point in the game. They should have won that game.

Georgia went on At least a 19-2 run. We played like we didn’t care.

This is a bad loss for the Ladies losing at home to a mediocre team. With no impressive wins so far, I don’t think they make the NCAA tournament.

They should make the NCAA tournament. That’s a little extreme.
That one darn game.

Neighbors did have that coachspeak comment, “They wanted it more”.

Out of sync but also lack of effort. That is the most upset I have been watching a Coach Neighbors team since he has been the head coach. Coaches have to get after ‘it’ for the rest of the season if they want to make the big dance. GHG!

If a coach coaches long enough, it will happen to him more than you like. Players are not pawns or robots that the coach just moves around. They are human beings with emotions, good days, bad days and what not. It happens to all the coaches. I bet it has happened to him at Washington,

I agree PJ and he is a good enough coach to figure out how to fix it. Off days just happen.

I also agree that we have the right coach. This team will respond. We just need to get a significant win and we will get many opportunities in this conference.

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