Lady Razorback Hoops

Whats going on with the ladies? It’s been a strange year with a log of inconsistency. Does anyone follow them closely enough to know? Is it recruiting? Coaching? Bad luck?

Dunno, but the team seems to win early on cupcake teams and then fall on their face in the SEC. I know the SEC women teams are tough but we should be doing better. Just my opinion.

JD and the Lady Hogs have had a tough season to say the least. I still believe in JD despite the play of late, he coaches good fundamental ball, but the injuries and ladies leaving the program has really taken its toll on the team. JD is all about the student athelete and have high hopes of him getting the program headed in the direction.WPS

The curse of the Blair-Witch project lives on. I am not expecting much to change anytime soon. Maybe if we hire Theo Epstein as AD we can turn it around.

Jimmy seems to be a decent defensive coach. Does not seem to understand how to work with the short shot clock in the women’s game. I’ve always thought that is a set play deal. You run your sets and have to get shots. They have faced short roster this season, as they have some in the past. Shouldn’t be dealing with a short roster at this time of his program install. That’s what worries me the most.

Arkansas’ offense is pretty bad and they commit too many turnovers; has been that way the past couple of years. Their best chance to win is going to be a 55-50 type game. Arkansas has scored 52 points or less in half of its SEC games, including 46 the past two.

Their offense is non-existent. I wanted him to be successful, but I do not believe it will happen.

I watched the other day and he looked helpless as his PG turned it over a bunch down the stretch.

I don’t follow the women’s game much but it seems like he is struggling to get and keep the top notch players from Arkansas and, if people think MA’s offense is bad, I would hate to see what they think about his offense.

I know that he has several friends on this board, so I am trying not to pile on him.

He is a Razorbacks coach and I want him to do well and think he deserves more time to prove himself.

But, he really frustrated me when he went on TV and said Calipari’s secret is he outworks everyone (he knows better).

As for his performance here, Dykes’ biggest problem is he has had a lot of roster turnover at odd times. That’s often a warning sign.

This is Dykes 3rd year and it is the same every year. Win non-conference games but way below in conference games. I really like JD but I think he is in a job way over his head. I really think he is coming to realize that. I think Jeff Long has a tuff decision to make. JD is most likeable guy in the world and he is an UA grad, but attendance is horrible and we haven’t had a good coach since Gary Blair was forced out. I don’t know who would be interested but there are some schools who made changes and it has worked out real well for them. Kentucky women’s basketball USED to be as bad or worse than us and now they are very competitive. We can do the same!

For JD to allow a former player to transfer to a SEC school is terrible to say the the least! She could transfer anywhere she wants as long as it is not in SEC, You don’t see former football players being allowed to transfer in conference !

Mark richt allows it.

I have posted before that Coach Foley at UALR is best women’s coach in our State. He gets more out the his players than many high profile D1 coaches. I hope he gets a chance if JD can’t produce.

Normally I would agree. Considering who that player was however, there may be method to his madness. It could be a variation on the old Henny Youngman joke. Take my 5 star recrui. Please!