Lady Luck is a fickle dame according to Frank Sinatra

She smiled on us for a few years against Ole Miss, but the last 2 years she turned her back on us. Last year, we were handling the Rebels…Boyd got thrown down on the turf as did Ty Storey and their injuries cost us the ballgame, probably. That and a defense that couldn’t stop Roseanne Barr from takin’ it to the house.

This year the schedule for Ole Miss was changed for the first time in memory, and we played Ole Miss before Coach Morris figured out Nick Starkel gave us the best chance to win. How in the &^%$ he didn’t know that before the Ole Miss game is a mystery that may never be solved. But, nevertheless the schedule change certainly severely hurt our chances to beat those…I can’t even type it.

We still love Lady Luck…she gave us the Hunter Henry heave…I will forever be grateful to her for stopping the Rebels from winning an SEC Championship. They would have pounded a sorry Florida team had they gotten to the Championship game. Come on back home, honey.

I doubt she’ll be coming back anytime soon. Hard to believe she had a thing for ole CBB, but that guy has always been able to land the ladies that should be out of his league. Or maybe she was just grossed out by the Reverand Freeze.