Lady Hog Hoops roster

I am super excited about the roster for next year’s women’s Hog hoops team.
To me it looks like this:

Headliner 7:
Amber Ramirez
Sasha Goforth
Jersey Wolfenbarger
Marquesha Davis
Makayla Daniels
Erynn Barnum
Elauna Eaton

Rylee Langerman
Destinee Oberg
Avery Hughes

Incoming freshmen:
Emrie Ellis
Ashlyn Sage
Samara Spencer

Unless I am missing someone…and I may be…that is a TERRIFIC roster of 13. The “headliner 7” as I called them has serious future WNBA talent. There is offensive firepower. Defensive prowess too. LENGTH! Athleticism. My only concern is will Erynn be big enough to hold her own defensively in the post. Taylah just wasn’t. Maybe Emrie or Destinee can be of immediate help there.

I know we lost some serious experience…and two kids who will be in the WNBA next year…(assuming Destiny sticks…we all know Cheslea will and will be a star)…but wow! This has GOT to be the most talented roster ever assembled in women’s basketball at Arkansas.

I look for the ladies to have a much better season next year.

How many offensive rebounds did we average/game on the women’s team. All I saw was us shooting and 4 players running back on defense. I hope that improves! And as was mentioned above, who can defend the low post player. This year we had no one! Whenever a team wanted a basket all they had to do was throw the ball into the low post and it was an automatic two. And another point of weakness this year was that none of our girls seemed to realize that if their opponent was right handed that they were going to penetrate with the right hand. Our girls always had their left foot back inviting their opponent to dribble right. I know that it is fun to watch our girls run up and down and shoot 3’s or try to penetrate for a foul or a layup, but you don’t win without playing defense!

I hear your points. But I am strictly talking about the roster. And what a roster its gonna be. There’s never been one like that at Arkansas.

If the ladies rebound they will be better.
The roster has some firepower but the Defense has to be better.

Defense obviously has to be better. But some of that is coaching. And part of it is personnel. I think several of the top 7 have the lateral quickness and wingspan to play really good defense.

Rebounding was the absolute killer. Teams like SC just kept getting offensive rebounds until they scored. That has to stop.

220 offensive boards in 28 games, or about 7.9. Defensive rebounding wasn’t good either; we got outboarded by 8.7 per game.

Thanks Swine! I knew that the rebound totals weren’t good.

Worse, we got killed on the boards when it mattered most. There were countless big defensive sequences where we would get a stop…but they get the rebound. Shoot again. Miss. Get the rebound. Finally score. It was disheartening I am sure.

Being tall doesn’t automatically make you a good rebounder, of course. But it helps! Last year, we often had only one player on the floor over 6-0. That was either Taylah or Erynn. We will be much taller and longer this coming season.

Amber Ramirez 5-9
Sasha Goforth 6-1 with a longer
Jersey Wolfenbarger 6-5
Marquesha Davis 6-0 with a longer
Makayla Daniels 5-9
Erynn Barnum 6-2 with some
Elauna Eaton 6-0
Rylee Langerman 5-9
Destinee Oberg 6-3
Avery Hughes 5-7
Emrie Ellis 6-3
Ashlyn Sage 6-2
Samara Spencer 5-9

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