Ladies score

5 runs in first against LSU. Coach D is fired up

Pittman threw first pitch before the game

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That was really cool for Coach Pittman to throw out the first pitch. I think there’s a lot of football players at the game too.
The grand Slam was huge.

Good to see big Myron Cunningham in the front row behind homeplate,was there yesterday too


Bloom just gave up back to back HR’s Now 5/3 Ar.
Pitching change. Delce is now the pitcher.

Sam goes to a lot of softball games when he’s not tied up with practice or recruiting.

I saw that to.

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we better start getting some more runs,5 may not be enough

Sounds familiar

this pitcher gave them fits yesterday an that changeup is tough for a team HR team like us to hit

Just saw where Black committed to Ar !!

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yes he did I had a feeling we were going to get him,what a class!!

I just heard a Corndog reference over the crowd mike at Bogle Park :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

7-3 Final Great series win for the ladies.LSU beat Bama 2/3

Delce came in relief and pitched really well.

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she has looked very good! don’t know what is going on with Haff but she is nowhere near as good this yr so far

I think she’s pitched too much early and just in need of some rest. Haff is still amazingly effective when she is fresh.
The softball Hogs are better than last year.

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The lineup is much better hitting team for ave and still have power and some speed so yes they are a much tougher team to defend than last yr

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