Ladies Razorback golf

What a job -21 heading into tomorrow with an 11 shot lead.

Yes, a great day.

However, golf news is usually posted on the Football board, not here.

Oops! Sorry I was just shocked because entering today they were in second place and I think 3 shots behind. It was just a good day!


Why would golf go on the football board more than anyplace else?

I would think it would go on the board “in season”,
I know the baseball board is the only one I read daily right now

Didn’t say it was a “rule”; but it is the convention here. Historically, that’s where all the golf posts go - probably because that board gets more traffic overall than any of the others - although I’m sure the basketball and recruiting boards - especially - have a couple of peak months each year.

If you want to verify, take a look at the search (below) on all boards for the word “golf”. With the exception of this thread, almost all of it is on the Football board (and some on the free Hawg Lounge, which deals with every sport, since it’s the only free board not devoted to ticket exchange.

search.php?keywords=golf&terms=all&auth … mit=Search

You can put golf anywhere you want. I don’t see it as a big deal.

Good! But it is a big deal when any hogs team is winning in any sport!

Well the women are going to win the regional by over 10 shots and Maria Fassi is atop the individual leaderboard by one stroke with one hole to play!

Congrats to the Regional Champs! 26 under and 11 strokes ahead of runner up Texas and 21 ahead of Auburn and Florida who tied for third.