Ladies game

Outrebounded 21-6 so far. Can’t hit the side of a barn. 14-7 LSU

Spencer might be the worst free throw shooter ever

32-22. LSU ahead

Blown out at home. Typical Neighbors team.

Don’t match up well with LSU. They were much more aggressive.
Lady’s had too many careless turnovers and the rebounding wasn’t very good.
First half shooting was terrible. The 3 wasn’t falling for them. Third qtr was a little better.
Losing 3 in a row is hard to take. Will, in all probability drop out of the top 25.
They just weren’t very good tonight. Mike still has some work to do.

Question for me is can neighbors do it at all. Loyola Marymount offense, no defense or rebounding when it counts. Never seen a good defensive team from neighbors. I think he could have 5 five star players and still be slightly above average.

LSU COACH in her second year is undefeated. Neighbors isn’t close to her. Just talks a good game

She is also a top 10 coach all time, pump the breaks on that one :rofl:


Careful what you wish for. Arkansas women’s basketball is never gonna be a juggernaut (coulda been if we weren’t so stupid to let Gary Blair go).
Regardless, Mike Neighbors is a good guy, and he is one of us. He’s all Hog.
Kim Mulkey is a terrible human being.
I would much rather have Mike.


He took Washington to the final four so yes I think he can get our girls there. He took over the equivalent of the Chad Morris experiment from dykes and has built quite a nice program.

Mulkey is not a nice person and I wouldn’t ever want her near our program.


I’ve been very vocal about the team’s lack of defense and rebounding and thought that they would be improved this year with more height (which has been lacking). Wrong. Jersey is not going to get in there and bang, and neither is Dauda it appears. IMO their overall defense is probably the worst in the SEC


Was thinking same thing about Jersey and Dauda. Would it kill us to feed them the ball in the post more and see if they can score on the block instead of jacking up threes? Agree with other comments about our defense.

Like her or not, Kim Mulkeys in a different orbit as a coach vs Mike Neighbors. She’s completely turned LSU around in her 2nd year, and she doesn’t have a dominant post player YET, which her great teams at Baylor always had. Would not surprise me to see LSU make a deep run in NCAAT this year.

This loss was predictable based on the two SD losses to mediocre teams. Neighbors seems to believe game are won by mouthing at the referees rather than getting in the face of players not communicating and failing to aggressively pursue rebounds. I am not impressed with Mike’s product composed of some highly talented players. Poor result last night.

I think spencer hurts the team. Hogs the ball, 2 or3 air all threes. Worst free throw shooter I’ve ever seen. Mike Anderson was a good guy that couldn’t get it done. Not a qualification for being a good coach. LSU coach might be mean but she wins and wins big. I’m all hog but doesn’t make me qualified to be a coach. And the one good year reminds me of Stan heath.

You could make an argument for top three behind Summitt and Auriemma.


I agree. Wish we had her

3 may between Kim Mulkey and Tara VanDerveer (Stanford). Margaret Wade (Delta State) was not on the big stage as much but probably stands alone as a progenitor of modern women’s basketball (the D1 POY trophy is named for her).

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