Ladies game

I don’t know what’s happening in Fayetteville but ladies stinking it up just like men did the other night. Men get ranked in top 10 and stunk the place up. Ladies get ranked 21 and look like a high school team. Horrible shots. Down by 3 after one

I just told my wife the same thing! Playing awful

Both teams turning it over frequently. Lamar has 11 TOs, Hogs have 10. In less than 16 minutes.

I’ve watched numerous ladies games this year. Two games they’ve look cohesive. Spenser scores 30 something the other night, tonight she a detriment to team so far. Reminds me of Devo.

I think this team will struggle in sec play. Daniels missing hurts. She’s the glue.

I know an unpopular opinion, but I think neighbors could have five 5 star players and they would struggle when the tournament comes. We haven’t gone anywhere if we even make the ncaa tournament. He talks a good game. I hope im proven wrong. Down at half

Man, the stream really sucks tonight. Anybody else having the same issues?

Yes. Same thing here


How can someone who shoots so much be such a horrible free throw shooter. 6 for 13. About her season average

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Up by 4 in what the announcer called an ugly quarter. He was being nice

Watched them play UALR. They walloped UALR. Game was over after the first quarter. Never seen ladies play better than that game. BTW UALR is not that bad. I watched them beat Texas A&M Tuesday night.

I feel different about this team than any of the other teams Mike has had year. They appear a lot taller.

Defense absolutely clamped down in the second half. Held them to 17 points and five field goals.

Free throw shooting was atrocious, though. Against a better opponent it could have cost us the game. Missing 17 FTs ain’t gonna get the job done.

Had no problems with the video feed at all, though.

It was awful starts and stops for stream. Kind of like Spenser’s foul shooting.

Defense was solid. With decent foul shooting, this was a blowout.

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I just can’t fathom how Spencer can be such a poor FT shooter.

Perfect HD video & audio for me; not a single hiccup the entire game. :+1:

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My fiber optics are great. Checked them. This was crazy tonight. Don’t get it.

We lost power in Norfork for two hours this afternoon. Something strange probably going on with our Coop probably. Fiber optics and power are same folks.

My feed looked like the cameraman was high. Just glad the rest of the men’s games are televised…except NLR…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Jeebus Jeremy. Put your azz in a car. I40 to NLR. You can watch it in person. Tickets available.

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Pav, don’t get him started…. :wink:

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Gotta work. Not everyone is a hign-priced attorney, Pav.:stuck_out_tongue:

The hills I’m willing to die on:
The NLR basketball game,
11:00 AM football kickoffs,
and…despising The Squid and Pearl.


Go Hogs!