Ladies game

Getting smoked right now

Yeah, they look bad… laid an egg last year in the tourney as well… Hopefully with all the reported talent coming in next year Neighbors can get something going… not sure that will happen though.

No offense and defense is worse

wow, this is back to back flops. last year was so hard to watch, Ole Mrs in the sec tourney then NCAA. now flat again. ugh. need to rally!


I believe this may be the worst game I’ve seen them play. Long way to come back!

The offense only consists of driving and trying to lay it in… or just shoot a three. That’s basically it and we don’t have an inside presence at all so the driving doesn’t work against the bigger teams and for some reason we’ve gotten away from shooting a lot of 3’s… I really think Neighbors has let go for this season and is just waiting and hoping the incoming talent will make all this work better.

Yes, we have a number of 5 star athletes that maybe underperforming or were overrated.

I have watched this program since Neighbors came. Yes, it’s a fun offense to watch, but until they start playing tough hard nose defense and rebound better, we’ll never be in the elite of the SEC.

I wonder how many layups we’ve missed? Four on one possession!!!

They can’t make a layup and are horrible from the free throw line.
They showed some fight to end the first half. So maybe they have a run in the 3 rd quarter.

Watching this game, one might think that the girls don’t even know how to position for a rebound.

6 minutes to go in the 3qtr and we hit our first 3!
Does pull them within 10 pts! Go hogs!

They are fighting but Daniels picks up her 4 th foul attempting to rebound a missed 3 by Barnum. Go figure that one out. They just can’t get out of their own way.

Yeah, they get within 10, but can’t stop fouling. They are fighting though.

I will say it again - not impressed at all with Neighbors. Why don’t he coach the team!?

When these Utah girls get to the rim, they rarely miss.

I hate to say it but it appears we have no answers for what they are doing.

Until Mike’s teams learn how to defend and rebound, you can recruit all the shooters you want, but they will struggle to hang with the elite in the league.

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Out coached and out played so far.

Well it looks like this game will end with the proverbial, “just wait til next year”
With the class coming in, maybe so.

I like Mike but this is 2 years in a row that we have not been prepared at all. Neighbors team does not know how to finish layups which has been going on all season! Something is wrong when that is going on at end of season! I hope with new recruits it improves or Mike could find himself on hot seat very quickly!!

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