Ladies beat UALR today 73-39

I turned it on when UALR was up 13-12 in the first qtr. I don’t pay close attention to the ladies program, so I admit I worried we might lose to an instate team. The announcers talked about how UALR has beaten two SEC teams. I needn’t have been worried. It was all Hogs the rest of the game. 73-39 final.

Any word on attendance?

Was it any more than a typical Sunday afternoon game against a non-conference team.

It didn’t look like much of a crowd to me. I’d say it was typical. I don’t have a lot to compare it to, but if that was a big crowd, our attendance sucks.

Official attendance was 3451. I didn’t watch so no idea how many came disguised as empty seats.

On tv, it looked a little light for a Sunday afternoon non-con game.

Kinda thought attendance would have been a little better with all the high fan interest in playing in-state schools.

if I lived in Fayetteville, I’d never miss a game. Love those Lady Hogs. Watching Goforth alone is worth the price of admission. She’s gonna be an All-American…probably as soon as next year,

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She can do it all. Score rebound and make the right pass to a teammate.
She will get better with time.

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