LaDarrius Bishop - What’s Up?

The guy that did not play much - even in the four “free games” that would have allowed him to maintain his RS- that surprised me the most was Bishop.

Looking back at the HI recruiting magazine he was touted as being the fastest player in the state and his HS coach said Arkansas talked about getting him involved in the return game, situationally on offense, etc.

Given that you either have speed or are chasing why did this kid see little to no action? It’s not like we were world beaters in the secondary or on punt returns.

Not as fast as advertised?
Could not pick up the defense?

Puzzling to me for a guy that’s supposedly very athletic/fast to get no time in light of our depth/team speed issues.

You need more than just speed. Have you ever thought that kid just may have not been ready…

Sure I’ve thought it - that said, it’s a little discouraging a kid is so far behind that he’s not even given any PT in what amounted to scrimmages in the 2nd half against MSU and Missouri.