LaDarrius Bishop runs

4.35 at the Miss St camp today, said Ashdown coach Matt Richardson.

With a final five of Arkansas, Mississippi State, Oklahoma State, Memphis and Iowa State

Are we the favorite? Or is he weighing his options? Thanks

That’s smokin the 40, Sec speed big time, hope we’re still in serious contention for Mr Bishop ! WPS

Getting mixed messages. They only have room for one more DB so first in is the last.

Would be a shame to lose an instate kid to a conference opponent not named Bama. It’s gotten to where Bama takes one every year or two, but Miss State? And this kids cousin is on the team. Weird situation.

Sounds like if he wants to be a Hog, he may need to act soon to be assured a spot if they are only going to take one more DB this class. Of course, he doesn’t need to act too soon; he needs to make sure he’s certain that’s what he wants.

That’s serious SEC speed we need on the back end.

I don’t know all the other import things about him, but I do know our defense has been way too slow to win in the SEC and sub 4.4 is what we need. Of course I remember Lou saying it can sometimes get you to the wrong place sooner. Don’t have any idea, but I do think we must get much quicker and faster. Ploding in the SEC will not get it done.

I’m very concerned that Bishop is going to get even more pressure after a 4.3 when at the same time we have limited slots and time. We signed 5 or 6 DB’s recently so the position could give him an opportunity to RS. Sadly, he may not want to RS and that could be used against us. I wish Montaric already had a year under his belt on the hill, so he could credibly tell his cousin Bishop to stick with the Hogs.

It’s my educated guess that he gets through the summer and makes a decision before his season starts.

Arkansas is being very honest and open with him.

It’s his choice and I hope he ends up here.

But I understand Arkansas’ point to get someone committed to them.

Dudley, I hope you’re right about that timetable. I’m afraid we may find out come December signing period just who is and who isn’t committed to being Razorbacks. This young man has said he enjoys the process and the attention, which is his right. We should hope the young man enjoys all the opportunities afforded him. The recruiting process only happens once.