LaDarrius Bishop out for season

Damn. How many blows can our secondary take?

Bishop had gotten burned a couple of times in coverage this year before he got hurt, and they actually had pulled him out of the game at one point against either South Carolina or Cincy… I hate that he did not get a real chance to redeem himself before he got hurt, he’s a veteran guy who I think would have been a contributor the rest of the year.

We had eight DBs get on the tackle chart for the A &M game.

Three true freshmen-Keuan Parker, Jaylen Lewis and Anthony Brown may get pushed into the mix going forward. I believe Parker dressed out against A &M. Those guys are all more CB than safety guys.

Was he hurt before the SC game and has he been trying to play through it? That might explain his apparent coverage issues. Not clear from what I’ve seen if it’s a recent injury or something he’s had for a while.

Man it’s all there in Jeremiah somewhere. “For lo, thou shalt lose all thy defensive backs and thy secondary shall becometh barren and lo, a skinny kid from Highland Park shall lead thee”.


Swine, I asked that the other day.

I think he was hurt because he didn’t play like the old Bishop early on.

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That’s what I think too. He caught a lot of flak for his performance from folks on this board. Probably trying to play through pain.

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Kind of like the old quote from Ian Maclaren. Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

It’s why I don’t criticize coaches or players or participate in the goofy game threads:


Smart Pav. Some crazy, crazy stuff there.

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Many, many times I regret getting involved. Probably done at this point. Like Harley said, much better to cool off before posting.


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