Lack of SEC talent

Please don’t turn this into a bash CBB thread.

Just my uneducated eye of our spring game vs some other SEC spring games.

We are too small and too slow. It’s stunning and sad to me but we are where we are.

We might have 3 maybe 4 players that would be competing for starting jobs at other SEC schools.

If CCM wins 5 games, he should be COY. Right now, I don’t see any SEC team we would be favored to win.

Agree. But Long and CBB need to be bashed. Mightily. That’s all I’ll say. I was calling for CBB to be fired for a long time. The incompetence of the UA admin. is just shocking. Hope the new regime can improve things. Morris ignoring the ridiculous “poor little Arkansas” that so many on here espouse is a very positive thing. This guy, it seems, could get kids interested in playing football in Siberia. I really like that about Morris. Hope it translates into a top 15 recruiting class. I think it will.

I agree we don’t look good at all and some of these OL look like Basketball players with all the weight they have dropped,I understand we want speed but this is still a very physical league and you are going to have to run the ball to be effective and I don’t see us doing that to anybody in the SEC we have no depth up front some of the worst pass blocking attempts I have seen at this level with that 2nd OL. I don’t see any playmakers at WR and no QB that can be consistent to make all the throws.

The defense will get better with the arrival of a couple key pieces in the Big DT and the Stud DE,I really like our DB they are fast and aggressive so I think we will be OK on defense if we can stop the run.

6 wins is the absolute most I see based on the talent we have.

This is the same group that looked out classed by Coastal Carolina. I was hoping it was poor coaching, but it looks like it was extrememly poor recruiting. I keep using the term SEC players and most think that means All SEC. I am just talking about ave. SEC talent and we have very little of that.

I had the same thought when watching a little bit of Auburn’s spring game after Arkansas’ ended. Auburn looked bigger all over the field.

by saying that it’s really hard to tell that when you are playing yourself.

For instance, the WR’s don’t get great separation, but maybe we have our best secondary in several years (I think we do, although that’s not saying much is it!)

TB’s have a hard time breaking away, but our starting 2 LB’s re legitimate players

Also, the edge seems to be set on defense, we’ll see how they look against Auburn.

I thought our starting OL looked great physically, couldn’t believe Colton Jackson has arms like that, Gibson also, kudos to Coach Tru

Our second team OL…I don’t know who the LT was, but he obvisously is not ready for the SEC or coastal Carolina or Bentonville

So I’m not saying you’re wrong, at all, just saying that it may have been a bit boring and a stalemate since both sides of the ball are improved from last year.


We have the same players back from a brutal 4-8 season minus Austin Allen and Frank Ragnow…2 huge losses there. Coach Morris has a tough job to get this program in good shape. That’s why he’s getting big money. He’s gonna earn it. I feel bad for him, but it is a great opportunity. Recruiting better than the previous staff is an obvious necessity. That and finding a quarterback to run this offense.

The Hogs are a long way from being a competitive SEC team, but I do like Morris and this staff seems a good fit from a coaching and recruiting standpoint. I know the weather was bad but we don’t have a QB that can take a game over at any level and the O-line is probably two recruiting classes from being SEC ready. Morris will win eventually but it’s going to be an uphill climb with patience needed. CBB was the worst investment in Arkansas history… the Indians got a better deal selling New York for a hand full of beads.

I don’t think Austin Allen was a huge loss. He was never really the same from late in his junior season to the end, and it always appeared to be a mental, not physical problem. Ragnow is an extremely talented OL but he was hurt some last year. There is talent on this team in some spots, notably TE, RB and CB, but the interior DL depth is questionable and four of the OL spots are iffy
right now. The good news is that it will be much easier to scheme around weak OL play in this offense than a base power I, so I feel pretty good about getting to a bowl game.

They may end up being bad this season, but it will have nothing to do with how the spring game looked.

They only have 25 percent of the offense and defense installed.

What they did have in was vanilla.

Did not play some key guys.

McTelvin Agim was not there because of a funeral.

There are a few guys in the recruiting class should help.

I thought No. 1 defense looked a lot better - certainly the secondary.

There have a ton of tailbacks - not even including Rakeem Boyd that arrives this summer - that could play at SEC schools.

Same way with tight ends.

The offense will be better simply because of how creative they will be.It’s look fine and innovative in practice.

But again anyone who went to the Red-White game expecting to see the offense revealed or the team look great was just fooling themselves and setting themselves up to be disappointed.

The pressure and blitzes they been bringing in practice - from all over the place including the secondary - were not there yesterday for obvious reasons.

For him not to be a huge loss, one of the QBs here is going to have to make a lot of improvement over the season.

The 2019 QB might not be on campus yet.

What about the 2018 QB?

I thought the same thing for several months but I now think they will be better than we think.

Anybody who thinks Connor Noland is going to come in and start as a true freshman is hallucinating.

I’m sure the 2018 guy is on campus.

I love Connor and JSJ, but there are very few true freshmen quarterbacks that have the ability to play at a high level in the SEC that first year.

Especially if they were not an early enrollee and did not go through spring practice - and also will be spending half their time throwing a baseball.

I don’t see either one of those two being more ready to play than the ones here.

Even of you don’t like the first two, Daulton Hyatt would be better served to play than the rookies.

Just because it’s a new shiny toy doesn’t mean its the one that should be played with all the time.

Connor may end up being the man, but attention divided will keep him from being all he can be in either sport.

I don’t expect a freshman to start, that’s not a good thing usually. But man we are in deep if we roll Storey out there as the starter. He was a fantastic highschool qb, but 3a Arkansas is probably the worst classification over the smaller 2a. I just don’t see the arm talent necessary for the SEC.
Kelley has the arm, but I think his size really hurts him.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens, but we’ve got to have some miracles in the qb room to get to 6 wins this year.

I don’t think I uttered such a thought.

Considering that the only 2018 QBs who aren’t already on campus are JSJ and Noland, yes, you hinted at it rather strongly.

They do indeed deserve to be bashed…I’ve done my part to the best of my ability! :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously, if I did not know better I’d think ole Bret was doing his dead level best to end the program. Just God awful…

I was asking Dudley a question, concern yourself with posts addressed to you.