Lack of player leadership

This team lacks a floor leader to call out laziness. It’s evident from the post game conference that certain players were trying and certain were not. A floor leader would have that whipped into shape. We have freshmen and transfers and Desi. Desi is usually that engine. He’s been absent. It was evident tonight. If we are going to win games in the sec, especially on the road, we will need a floor leader. I didn’t see one tonight. Did you?

No leadership on the face of adversity!
That could be it. Or it could be the big head after the Georgia game. What ever it was they better find a mirror and take a hard look.
I’m hoping to see a hungry bunch of hogs on Saturday.

I think Justin Smith is that guy for this team. I totally agree someone has to assume that role right now with him out. And I’m not seeing it. I’ve said on our podcast that I think Justin is kind of the dad of the team who oversees things on the floor and will call out a lack of effort and discipline when he sees it. Minus his on-court presence, I’m not sure who that guy is.

Well if it’s him he didn’t do much from the sidelines during timeouts. I believe he travelled with the team. Regardless it should have been Desi tonight. He needs to wake up or Moses needs to be more vocal. Jaylin was noticeably upset/frustrated in his postgame interview. I think he will be that voice eventually. He did his job. He and Moses can be that together for all I care but people need to speak up.

We need a Corey Beck or a leader like him. When we were down 10 in the Championship game, Beck ignited the rally. Without that, Scotty would not have made the “shot” and Corliss would not have been the MOP of the Final Four. Nolan loved Beck for his toughness. Muss needs one for this team.

Moses is a one and done. He can go get 30 points any game he wants to IMO.

The Season is half way over and it is this year or never with him. .

Moses can lead this team to the promised land…He can be that leader. His name fits his role.

Desi seemed to be that leader along with Smith early on, but as Scottie noted Smith must have been the dominant leader of the team. Without Smith Desi has disappeared, until now anyway.

It’s surprising to me that our leader is a 5th year transfer. We going to have a new leader every year that way. Who’s it going to be next year? That doesn’t seem sustainable.

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