Lack of killer instinct

Normally I am very optimistic about the Hogs. Living so far away I think I am more objective than most. My optimism prior to last season’s start was justified by the team’s great success. However, my gut instinct for this year’s team is 180 from last season.
Four games into the season, it appears to me this team’s personality lacks the killer instinct, the sense of urgency, the teamwork and effort that last year’s team so often displayed. The team appears to be too complacent. If they don’t regain the “attitude “ they displayed last season, well, this shall be a long season of disappointment with devastating long term affects on recruiting.
CSP and his staff are facing the greatest challenge of their UA tenure. KJ’s Superman fumble just sucked the life out of this team which just compounds the complacency challenge.
I was hoping KJ would have a “Tebow” moment and take responsibility for the fumble and the team’s lackluster performance and personally lead a much needed change before it’s too late and save the season.
Hopefully the team has the leadership to recognize the malaise and make immediate changes. It starts with the heart, desire, refuse to lose and have a vicious killer instinct. Hoping it returns Saturday against Bama.
UA…Campus of Champions
UA…Campus of Champions


This explains a lot of what I feel is wrong with the team. I literally yell at the TV screen for the Team to come-on. Let’s go everybody. But no. I am not sure we have the “IT” factor.

What a defeatist attitude. Yes, we literally gave the game away to A&M, but the kids truly hurt that they lost. They didn’t quit. They just made correctable mistakes. Did anybody think we would actually go undefeated this year?

I have heard, and unfortunately, sometimes contributed to, the same BS about Muss’ teams the last 2 years. How did that turn out…back to back Elite 8’s with zero 5 stars.

I know football is a completely different animal, but don’t be surprised if we beat Bama this weekend. I damn sure won’t be.

The “IT” factor is on the sidelines. We have the best coach for this program that we could possibly have. He’s hurt, and he’s pissed…just like his players. Bama will feel us Saturday.

Go Hogs!


How do we know that KJ did not talk to the team? I know he certainly felt it and showed his teammates. He may not be the vocal type?

I do sort of feel what Guy is saying though. Killer instinct. Perhaps that is it.

I do not see a win Sat. I don’t see how they can cover those receivers with that QB throwing. I think the biggest test for CSP will come against MSST in Starkville. Fitting, because that is where it started. The secondary will certainly be tested that day.

Concur with original poster. This 2022 team does not seem as good as the 2021 version. Squad is fortunate not to be 1–3 after four games.

I don’t think that’s the problem. I believe they have that.


I see a team trying to prove last year wasn’t a fluke, maybe trying to hard. Injuries occurred in an area (secondary) where we could afford it least.
If they didn’t have some killer instinct this team would have folded after going down 20-13. Instead they fought back scoring a TD and again in position to kick a possible game winning FG.
KJ fumbled trying to do to much, not because lack of effort or instinct. Don’t worry this is still 100% behind him, believe in him as do I.
Don’t need to reflect to far back to know what teams look like without a killer instinct.


IMHO, great leadership inspires those around you and elevates everyone’s performance. To date I have yet to see anyone step up and replace the leadership we had last year from Treylon Burks, Grant Morgan, Hayden Henry and others I don’t know of. Or even the loss of Catalon. Those guys refused to lose and willed everyone to a higher level of play.
The poor tackling, players out of position, poor execution, poor Third quarter performances, turnovers, sloppy fumbles, failure to learn from previous mistakes, team funk during adversity, all points to lack of leadership and lack of focus.
I deeply hope the leadership steps up and the killer instinct of last season returns.
UA…Campus of Champions


They physically dominated South Carolina on both lines of scrimmage - outcome never in doubt.

Never trailed Cincinnati.

Much closer to 4-0 than 1-3 or 2-2.


I figured this team for 8-4. Still feel that way.


That’s not the figuring of the Fans…

I don’t try to understand that kind of thinking. It is not a good idea.

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I have never thought anything better than 8-4.The schedule and the way it’s laid out just to brutal to see much better than that, but would love to be proven wrong.

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My prediction was 8-4 with losses to Alabama, LSU, A&M, and BYU.

Still think we are on track for that.

For those that felt this was the year we won the west and had a chance at a realistic chance at making the playoff ……well……I just don’t get it.

Teams with a preseason win total of 7 in Vegas aren’t going to the playoffs or winning 10 or more games. The boys in Sin City didn’t build those glittering casinos by being that far off on odds making.

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Those casinos were built on little blue haired ladies drowning quarters in slot machines and betting red at the roulette wheel. Sports betting was an afterthought.

Having said that, they’re rarely that far off – although none of them thought Michigan would make the CFP last year so they are occasionally wrong.

This team, with this schedule, has shown an ability so far to kill off other teams in the fourth quarter when we get a lead. It almost happened again against A & M.

When you look at the teams left on the schedule, that’s going to be the way we have to win most of the time, and maybe almost all the time. We have good and improving talent, but our talent level is not so far above most everyone left on the schedule to make crushing wins which can be locked up early likely. For the Hogs, this year’s week to week challenge is a lot like that faced by good but not great NFL teams-it’s just hard to clinch a win in the first three quarters.

Boy there are some short memories here.

Last year we sleepwalked through three quarters of the opener against Rice, and Rice was nowhere near as good as Misery State.

We beat Texass last year and Cincy this year. Cincy is better. They may go 11-1.

And when we beat A&M last year they were playing their backup QB (who is now on the bench at Auburn).

Killer instinct was fine against Cincy, SoCar and Misery State. And would have been fine against A&M if any of a dozen things had gone our way, the last of which was the sound of football against metal.

To quote a certain all-pro quarterback, Guy, R-E-L-A-X.


I wonder if we would be questioning the killer instinct had the field goal been good. They were about three inches and 90 seconds from coming back from a nine-point deficit in the fourth quarter against a good team.


Would an Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, or Ohio State let a team off the mat up 14-0? No, they wouldn’t. That’s what you have to do if you want to take your team to the next level. Arkansas has closed the gap talent wise with most of the Conference. Still not there with the likes of Alabama or Georgia. Most in the Country aren’t. Taking this team to the next level should be the next priority for the Coaching Staff. Losing to A$M, because their better is one thing, losing to them because they got lucky and we got sloppy is not acceptable anymore.

Clemson let Wake Forest come back from a 14-0 deficit last weekend and had to kick a game-tying field goal in the fourth quarter before winning in overtime. Not a whole lot different from Arkansas-Texas A&M if you ask me, other than its kick was good and Arkansas’ was not.