Lack of Depth at LB

With the lack of depth at LB do you think there would be any chance of trying to bulk up a couple DB’s that have speed? I was thinking maybe Malik Chavis, Jacorri Turner, Khari Johnson. Maybe try to use Mataio Soli or j Steward from DE . Would like to hear your thoughts as this seems to be a issue for past couple years

I think it is very hard to just throw somebody into a linebacker situation. It is a very, very difficult position to play, unless you know what you’re doing. There’s a lot to see and a lot to keep track of. There’s a reason guys like Mike Singletary achieved the status they did. Their eyes were great and they knew were the football was at all times.

We have the depth there as at every position, now quality may not be the same. I doubt they pull a LB for one of those guys. Also, we will be in a 4-2-5 the majority of the time.

Doesn’t matter. Georgia has speed like LSU…long game.

Linebackers are linebackers. Putting DBs there is an invitation to run the ball. You either are or are not a linebacker. But, that’s what Dede Edwards is, a converted safety.

Soli and Zach Williams are hybrid DE/LB guys. So you will see them in that role.

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