Lack of Defense Stops

Lost us this game obviously, so why could we not stop them? You score 50+ points on the road…you should win. Our offense played well. Ole Miss ran it on us and we ran it on them.

I agree with going for two. Would’ve run it with KJ but all us armchair coaches always know best. KJ had his coming out party today.


I believe when they look back on this our coaches will come to the conclusion that KJ was our best option to get into the end zone for the win. He would have willed his way to the end zone. Rely on his heart and determination. His coming home party would have been of monstrous size and loudness. Bad call to try the pass-hindsight is on my side.


well they were ready for KJ running the ball bc if we knew it,they knew it.#55 was in his face,you have run something back in the middle,would have to look but Knox may have been open underneath right inside the EZ


For almost all the game, we got no pass rush. Coral could just sit back in the pocket and do as he pleased. Blown coverages, missed tackles, bad angles, and slow responses from our Linebackers, and Secondary didn’t help. Neither did giving up 3rd and 10 and not stopping them on 4th down.

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Our all american safety has been invisible for 4 games now.


Our all american safety is playing hurt. But I guess that doesn’t matter does it?


Offense played plenty well enough to rout that team. If we’re multiple on defense then I can leap tall buildings. Wait it’s bigsby runs wild on us next week like he did last year.

You score over 50 points on a team without getting turnovers, big special team plays, etc and lose, some questions need to be asked of defensive coaches.


I think Catalon might be injured. He just doesn’t look like he did.

I’ve been concerned all year about receivers running right past flat footed d-backs all year. We actually had a few plays of nice tight coverage today. But there were way too many blown plays with nobody in the same area code. Maybe we will have to recruit our way out of this because there are guys making the same mistakes over and over.

We are starting three transfers on the d-line and they will all be gone at the end of the year. Since we are having trouble now, that scares me.


I think scheme-wise, we placed more priority on stopping Corrals passing than their running game, thinking we could bend on the running game and minimize their yards. Did not happen. And that is scary for good teams with good QBs in coming games.

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Can you really not see that he’s playing with 1 arm? It’s blatantly obvious. He’s a shell of himself but is trying to help. He’s in position but isn’t making plays because he can’t wrap up with his hurt arm/shoulder.

It’s absolutely amazing to me that anyone can watch him play, not see that, and then take shots at him on a message board.

I expect he will be out awhile. They’ll watch this film and see that time and time again he missed plays he makes in his sleep because he’s playing 1-handed.

I don’t expect McIlroy and Tessitore to notice. They were as tunnel-visioned and wed to their storyline as any crew I’ve ever seen.

But, I sure would hope that our fans—before blasting our best player—would notice that he’s severely compromised. Be better.


That being the case, they can’t race enough about the freshmen Jayden Johnson. Maybe he needs indoctrinated

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What’s the injury? Thx

They aren’t saying, but it sure looks like a shoulder issue. I’m not giving away anything that isn’t obvious. He’s really favoring it, not wrapping up, avoiding contact, etc. It’s pretty obvious.

So far, I have not heard any reporter ask CSP anything about a possible injury to Catalon, or question/mention the change in performance. I wonder if that is by mutual agreement or what?

It’s hard to understand but injuries are catching up to our defense. Depth or the lack of in a few positions. Recruiting is the only way to improve.
We are experiencing another year where the waking wounded are fighting and doing their best.
It’s hard to get a stop when you can’t wrap up to tackle.

If I am not mistaken, it was reported on this Forum that Cat was injured (shoulder?) in the preseason. Has been playing injured since Rice.
UA…Campus of Champions

Can some one explain how so many of ole Miss receivers were wide open? I can understand one maybe missed assignment but they had several.

I think it was explained in my story. Hayden Henry said the stretch play was a situation where the safeties (and that could be Foucha, Brooks, Catalon or Blair) are asked to take one of the gaps. They were not getting there, or getting there late. Same issue against Georgia. The soft spot where you invite the run is played by a back end player. Most teams do that, ask a safety to be part of the run fit.

The danger of the pass slowed them down on some of the run fits by the safeties. The pass hit them when they did read run on a fit and didn’t cover. When you play zone, you are also playing run.

That’s a problem with an offense (like Ole Miss or like Arkansas) that offers the run-pass option with the quarterback.

When these two QBs are rolling with their reads, the defense is going to be wrong a lot. Saw that all day on both sides. Remember, someone has to account for the QB at all times in these two offenses. They are really similar. So you subtract one defender (linebacker, or safety who is unblocked) to account for the QB. Makes you wrong sometimes. If you watch closely, when Corral handed off and moved away, often times, there was a second line player moving his direction. If he’s leaving a gap, that’s where the back goes. Tough to see, but I saw it once or twice.

Both teams played three-man front and went light in the box because of the threat of the pass.

The defense usually tries to take away one thing or the other. Didn’t look like the Hogs took away either. You can say the same thing about Ole Miss. They got one sack. Arkansas got none. Both QBs are pretty tough to tackle, an extra tailback if you will.

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Interesting Clay. Thank you. So it was perhaps not the best defensive scheme, or just not executed well. We know we are not very deep, and it seems injuries catching up as well. After some great D performances earlier this year, I wonder how D gets back its mojo. A lot of talented SEC teams still to go this season. Thx

Clay, good recap. People do not give these coaches on either side the credit for what they do. Our coaches and team did a good job of competing and being in position to win the game. We have some injured players and couple are big parts of our defense . The team plays on that is credit to coaches and the players. Odom’s got to figure out how to get some pressure on Nix this week and Hogs need home field advantage of crowd after being road warriors for three weeks with three very good teams.

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