Lack of Adjustment

Maybe the hardest thing to watch so far this season is the regression. I think some of that has come in the coaches on both sides of the ball not putting the players in the best position to win. Why did we stay in man coverage today? That and no pressure from the front doomed us. I saw no significant adjustments as the game progressed which on a day like today was akin to running the white flag up. Even with the injuries we should look a little better.

I love this team and have faith in coach Pittman, but something has to change. Please adjust.

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I think Briles called a pretty good game, he did not make the bad passes and this was an inexperienced quarterback. Wish I could say the same for Odom. I understand the weakness our secondary is, but we are so soft against the run in this alignment. Our tackling has to improve and it seems the only time we’re are in reasonable pass coverage, we get interference calls.

The SEC Nation roasted us after the game.

IF nothing changes, nothing will change.

We have got to find some defensive lineman to put pressure on the quarterback

Says something about recruiting and depth when portal guys Hampton jackson and dominik are all out there.

Have to keep recruiting

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