La tech write up on the series … ansas.aspx

They are not surprisingly throwing 2 LH at us including CUSA 1st teamer.

Thanks for finding this and sharing it here, youdaman. It looks like their Saturday guy, Robbins, was dominant two seasons ago in JUCO, and solid last year at LA Tech. Not sure what he throws, but the numbers don’t look like overwhelming strike out stuff, although he went 7-1 last season. Points towards crafty lefty kind of stuff. It looks like the Sunday guy, Logan Bailey, was fairly dominant last year, despite the high ERA so far this year. He was 8-1 with a 2.24 ERA on the season (plus hit 3 HRs). Could spell trouble if we let him settle in and find his rhythm.

None of the starters they are throwing are having good years. Bailey the first team all-conference guy who led them in ERA last year has given up 27 hits in 14 innings!!so hopefully they continue to pitch that way but knowing our luck he will be spot on and it will go down to the wire.

I’m really more concerned about our pictchers because this is the best hitting team we have seen and they are going to punish mistakes and walks.

The hogs need to adapt to hitting crafty lefties. That was our down fall last year. Maybe they take it to the opposite field.

I just hope we get solid pitching out of our staters and guys out of the bullpen. It would be nice for Cronnin to get a couple more saves. He needs some work!

Those are some high ERAs

Yes Dudley they have some high ERA’s but have some good ones too.what will hurt them is they are without their closer…Need to jump on them early.Going to be a tough series those 2 LH can present problems if we are not patient.

Louisiana Tech’s No. 1 starter, David Leal, broke his foot in the preseason and won’t be back for several more weeks.