La Tech @ Hogs

Martin didn’t take what he said in the post game yesterday into today’s game! He got himself out again today leading off. DVH just need to move him down. That’s not what a lead off man does!

This guy here is going to be tough on us I think. Knows how to pitch I don’t see how he’s giving up all these hits

That’s what I’m talkin about Casey!! Wait on that thing and crush it!!!

When that AB started it looked like Casey would swing at anything. Then it clicked.
Great homer! Heston needs to take notice.

Bases-loaded one-out and we hit into a stinking double play …SMH!!

mam there’s still a lot to work on.
Heston is starting to hit! Martin mixed bag at the plate.
Defense Ezell is a liability at first with another play where he should be on the bag inside of going toward the middle of the infield. Washington just stone cold had a sure out and muffs it.
Scroggins was amazing. I was a little worried when he hit the first batter of the game. Maybe he should just hit the first batter with the first pitch every game. He was locked in and had the K’s rolling.
I was impressed with Trest he had 3K’s in his first appearance. He needs to be considered as a starter. Kopps looked good. Taylor lead off walk. That stinks he needs his rear end chewed for that.

Timely hits and good pitching. Good win.

It was a impressive bounce back win.

But tap the breaks just a bit on Trest. He certainly looks to have solid potential, but LaTech was putting hitters out there that had not had any at bats. They even batted their bullpen catcher who has not played and will not play meaningful at bats (I listened to their broadcast on line and their coach spoke to this)

Doc I agree on trest but you can’t teach 95 with movement on the black and a good sharp breaking ball. I would like to see him more in the midweek he’s more impressive than Taylor to me.

No doubt
I was just speaking to the other post where someone already had him pegged as a starter

Nice win. I suspect CDVH is on top of the pitching situation. He needs to see how these kids perform in game situations for down the road.


Trest has some stuff that can be effective against any lineup. He needs reps. He needs to be in some pressure situations with the game on the line to see what he can do. Today he showed a small sample size but man what a fastball with movement and an odd speed pitch. There’s some talent on this team.