La Tech Game Thread

So, the right sode of the offensive line is as bad as we expected.
The D settled on the second possession. I shall reserve judgement for a few.
We still dont have a kicker.

Austin Allen is doing fine. He will have to stop staring down his receivers. He has done that a few times.

This game is very much in doubt at this point in time.

The Hog defense isn’t nearly as good as I hooped it would be. This is a first time starter for LT at QB and theyve got an almost new OL.

Knew the Hog OL would be inconsistant, but not this bad. One of them looks LOST.

the O line needs to gel fast or this is going to be bad.

Austin Allen has had some great throws, but his decision making is suspect.

I think our defense is going to be OK.

It all comes down to the O Line. Froholdt is lost out there. The right side is a sieve. At least we have Ragnow and Skipper.

The Danish kid needs to go back to defense. :shock: :shock: He’s needed. All the hype on this defense was wrong. Same poor defense against spread team. We’re in for a long second half. I hope we win.

Frojholdt is lost

Tech’s OL is not in as bad a shape as Arkansas fans believe. Holtz has been saying the entire camp that they were improved on the OL.

That Allen is taking so many hits isn’t a welcome sign, however.


What do we do better than La Tech?

Give up sacks.

Well, so much for half time adjustments…

When the announcers can see how our dbacks line up and the problems it causes, why can’t our coaches?

“Some confusion in the back field”


oh my

many disappointsments

We are not only playing bad, playing stupid.

Hatcher keeping this 4th quarter drive alive.

Now come on DEFENSE! PLEASE!

There needs to be a tackling clinic after this game.

Razorbacks popped that LA Tech QB like a tick! Where was this defense earlier?

Whew!!! :smiley: :smiley: