La Tech at Arkansas game 1

How do I listen to the game?? Told me to download sports hub which gives you no College teams at all to list as your favorites but even the Arkansas website tells me to do the same thing… I don’t get it

nevermind I figured it out and have pregame on

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I am on the Arkansas Razorback gameday app that has a link to live audio.


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Yeah the layout of the page confused the ole man for a second until I saw download app in small print and when I did that I knew what to do then…will be first game I have listened to in a very long time.


Even if you are not on Twitter, you can go to and view the Tweets.

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Pitcher’s best friend, 6-4-3

Smith better get this control figured out it’s going to cost him big time if he doesn’t… you can’t BB 2 in the SEC without it costing you very often…I know he can…just got to get it done

Hurt my knee this morning when I tripped going between the Rowers…it was already hurting…just made it worse…rigged me up a tourniquet ( ole Western movies style lol) wrapped around a Heating pad… that’s how I’m rolling listening to the game.

Hmm, that inning started with great potential.

Yet another BB!!!

Big Hit off lefty

Boom!!! Bohro on fire no matter who throwing

something wrong there sending Cali,must have missed Hit and run

Boom Rowland making a statement!! Love that he is a switch hitter

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Smith working out of the stretch this inning.umpire seems inconsistent according to Phil and Bubba

Bases loaded,no outs need to totally break the game open here!!..

Blew a huge opportunity there only got 1 out of that…still 5-0 is Great