Mobilehoma gives up a late field goal to Florida State and gets sacked on the final play to lose 35-32 in the Cheez-It Bowl.

Which means the best team money can buy finishes 6-7. LOSERS.

Wonder where our resident Sooner lover is now?


I’m not sure why, maybe it’s the uniforms, but I’ve always been a fan of OU. In fact, if I wasn’t such a hog, I would be a sooner. I went to one of their games a few years ago and thought the hospitality was spectacular.

I also have never cared much for FSU or it’s town. Though the horse and spear at beginnings of the great games of the past was spectacular as well.



Rebneck, Flopnecks, Rebels or whatever they are called today….LOSE

My day would be complete to see the Tea Sippers go down…


Not a FSU fan and really don’t like OU either, but for talent the Sooners have, I thought they played very soft and uninspired. Venables is supposed to be a defensive guru, but he apparently left that bag in Clemson. Not at all impressed with the Sooners. Brent’s tenure in Norman could be a short one, if this what his on-field product continues to look like.

They did…


Trust me I’m not a Free Shoes fan either, with all due respect to Chuck Barrett’s wife. But I don’t actively dislike them either.


Oh what a night… :joy:

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I think all of the boxes have been checked this bowl season.
Hogs won. Texas, Ole Miss, OU and OSU lost.
UA…Campus of Champions

Those 5 results put a big smile on my face.

Where are the Norvell Bashers? Looks like he’s doing a fair job to me. :sunglasses:

Norvell got it turned around just in time. Another bad year this season and his chair would have been scalding, possibly irreparably so.

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I thought he acted calm and collected last nite, the defensive guru was going bonkers. Interesting to see if he can continue to build it as he did in Memphis.

More or less same W / L as Pittman (19-17), that sure looks GOOD vs the previous 3, 8-26

That head coaching is not as easy as some make it look! WPS

If only we could get Bama to lose, I’d have a bigger smile on my face.

I’m pulling for TN to lay an egg tonight. Over a quarter of century seeing orange every day does that to you…

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Me, I guess? Right here. Yeah they got beat.

#4 or 5 recruiting class in the country this year depending on who’s doing the ranking.

I wish Arkansas was a blue blood football program. It’s not. OU pretty much is. I don’t like OU nearly as much as the Hogs. But I like ‘em. Shoot me.

Yeah @hawgjawbend, I lived among 'em for too many years. They will always be a big no for me.

Understood and that’s fine. I have two daughters that went there. Can’t really hate ‘em. And I’ve met a bunch of nice Sooner fans.

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Sorry to burst your bubble, but neither program is elite right now. And OU is about to become even less elite once they stop taking road trips to Ames and Manhattan.

I’d give him another year or two to get his defense built before writing him off. Oklahoma hasn’t played good defense in years. His Clemson defenses were great, in part, because they recruited elite NFL prospects. I’m not sure Oklahoma had any of those when he arrived.