L. Bishop

My Internet service has been down for a while. I know he has been injured, but haven’t see a progress report lately. I apologize if it has already been covered, but please humor me. He has a ton of experience…seems he could help a lot if/when healthy.

Follow up question…Bishop got beaten badly a couple times in the opener. He hasn’t been seen (much) since then.

Was he trying to play through an injury in the opener?

I’ll hang up and listen.

Experience doesn’t matter if you can’t cover or tackle in the open field. That has been the problem for years and it is scary that the coaches have thought he was one of our best this season.
The same can be said for Blair and Jaden Johnson. Johnson can’t tackle in the open field, only when he is blitzing and catching guys from behind. In the Cincy game he got burned not using his arms to tackle. He was just trying to run into them and knock them down. Coaching did not appear to be getting through to a guy we heard so many promising things about.
Blair I think tries to be Catalon and be a big hitter, but he is not Catalon and is failing in the other aspects of the position.
Experience or not you just cannot have this many of these guys on the field and not get torched. Imagine how bad it would be if we did not have the pass rush we have had. It would be a disaster.
I just don’t know what it says about the kids behind these guys if they can’t get on the field. We hear good thing, but there seems to be very little trust in them.

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To my knowledge he was healthy throughout the preseason and heading into the first game. He did not play well against Cincinnati. He gave up 3 completions on as many targets for 76 yards and 1 touchdown, per PFF. I don’t necessarily expect him to see the field much more. Dwight McGlothern, who I’ll have a feature on tomorrow, and Hudson Clark and Malik Chavis appear to be the top options at the position.


I will no longer worry about when/if Bishop takes the filed…in fact, having read all of the above, I am much more likely to worry IF he takes the field!

Moms, don’t let your babies grow up to be Cornerbacks.

Other than MAYBE QBs, that position is always the most criticized. It is a difficult position to play (the rules favor the offense), and their shortcomings are easily seen. They can’t hide.

I remember our fans being so critical of Batman Carrol. Batman became a 1st round pick. I once heard Jeb Huckabe say Batman was the hardest worker on the team.


Bishop was highly rated coming out of HS. So, there was skill there to build on.

Make a mistake and the band plays while the scoreboard lights up!

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Why is Bishop not getting it ? Can he just not play that position ? Is he not learning from coaching ?

If that’s the case, they should find somewhere else he can play. He’s has jet speed and is a great athlete.

Where would you suggest they try him?

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A question from me to those who might have knowledge…like you. What do you think? And do you have any insight or knowledge about his situation ?

Probably no more insight than you. Sorry.

Back-up long snapper? I am strictly trying to be funny. I am puzzled at Bishop/'s troubles covering…he did run a 4.4 40 in HS, so speed is not the problem. Zimos is even more puzzling to me. He was a 4-star recruit…well thought of as OLB. Great size for a safety…no idea about his speed, but if he is a little slow for safety seems like LB would be the place for him…for some reason that did not work out the first try.

We get puzzled a lot as we age.

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You have any “inside” info , or personal experience regarding my question about surround sound broadcasts for FB games?

No. I am clueless on that kind of stuff.

If done properly it COULD give you a nice "inside-the-stadium sound/experience, but I am not holding my breath that it would be done well even if it is done at all.

I’m watching games on a Smart TV my son gave me. When I go to ESPN and ABC a little box pops up telling me this broadcast is available in 4K and asking do I want to go to 4K. I switch over, and the picture is a little more crisp and higher definition.

I know 4K is video, but I would think if they have the technology to broadcast in 4K surely they’re broadcasting comparable audio, be it stereo or surround sound or whatever the latest technology is.

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